Friday, December 31, 2010

nice ending 2010 4 most ppl..soso 2010 ending 4 me..

hye dear blogie..i hv gud news n bad news..
nk denga mne stu??
ape??gud news 1st..okok

Malaysia futball team cipta sejarah after bpe bls taun neh..
mng piala suzuki! ho yeah!! terbaek la korunk!
owh2..opkos to RAJAGOPAL gakz..
n not to 4get yg lelaen..tanpa korunk spelah mrk..
hahaha! dh mcm bg speech la plak..
n bcuz of them..PM bg oliday..double ho yeah! esk oliday..
even my fren yg ade xms pong..dibatalkn okeh!
mmg "daebak"..

bad news now..
i came to meet K.A.M.I n setle d unsetle..
tp...hurm..things not going as i plan..
wat to ppl aways said..
kite merancang jerk..Allah yg tentukan..
i blieve..mest ade hikmahnye behind ol diz..
xpela..i understand..

at least..i get to meet kak azra=)
my besties!!

p/s: dat day.."da lil prob of dak2" has been setle up..glad at least no more mizunderstanding..friendzship 4 eva neva ends till eternity=) actually i dunno wat i supposed to do wif my lil probs..i'll go wif da flow i guess..wen da tyme cums..everything wil b disclosed..everything wil b cleared..anyway..pray da besh 4 kamoo..decide da besh decision okeh! may Allah bless u n guide u=)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Salam..hye r u? cool huh? hope so..
me?? as normal..HE knows best.. last..da thing dat was been lingering around my head 4 a few months..
been aswered 2day..
oldo its kindda late..but its least i noe da truth d..
thanx to them..
im sorrie 4 troubling uols..
i just hope he will change with the help from Allah..
k then bloggie..

p/s: i get present from kak azra!!its from bandung..n it was my feveret kaler..harus amek neh..
hehe=p nk cokelat beryls bnyk2!!!!! ade spe2 nk sponsor x??haha=p cokelat makes me feel calmness..=)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Salam..hye dear bloggie..sorrie again..lme x vizit kamoo kn..
im sorrie..i noe lame its true..i dunno wat shud i share wif u here..
anyway..x telambat lgk kn..Salam maal hijrah..masih dlm bulan muharam kn..
x lme lgk new year plak..cpt btol mse berlalu..pejam celik jerk..
dlm mse hampir setaun neh..mcm2 jdk kn..
sume neh ade..ol dat was the colour of life..
bkn promote blog sendrik okeh..huhu=p
ok2..b siyesh..
nyway..still ingt cerita K.A.M.I??
dye org maybe ade cte dye org sendrik..smpi boley uat books kn..
i guess me too..i hv my very own K.A.M.I..
i too silap2..buley uat my own books okeh..
same basic air tangan yg berbeza..
u might b wondering kn bloggie..
wat im trying to share wif u kn..xpela..i guess diz is just a hint..
real story behind the scene..of da record..
hehe=p dh tersave lam memory chip dh..
nk delete ke??x dptnye..sebab private file..
bloggie xley nk korek rahsie hokeh=p plng2 pun ctrl+alt..delete kn..
still ade kt recycle bin..delete gakz??
ade beckup file dh..haha=)
ok..dh mengarut dh neh..xpela..neh nmenye pale dh x btol..ngantokz sudey..
may da best happend..

p/s: ashraf muslim terbaek..ektly cte tdk simple jerk..msg sume sng jerk sngt deep okeh meaning reminds me too ektly of my ibadah..masih perlu diperbaiki lgk..lau tgk sorunk2 mubi tdk..silap2 buley x..ujan ribut melanda dh..haha=) fi amanillah kwn2..aminn..

Monday, November 29, 2010

=) or =( ...u decide!

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
mish me onot?haha=p
anyway bloggie..
heres da things ive been invited n attend..
*cousie akad nikah*
*cousie weds gurls side*
*sherry belated bday bash*
*cousie weds*

n been invited but cnt attend..
*feeq ouse warming*
wic i totally sad bout it..nk pegi kotz! ice cream..bbq..ol dat food..oh no!
xnk hengat lgk dh.. sorrie cuz cant make it dat day..
but im happy to see ol da piccas uploaded by nadia in fb..happy jerk korunk=)
n thanx to people yg attend my cousie weds=)

piccas??later k..
i hv quizes n asements 2b complited ryte now..
k then..2b cont~~

p/s: many thngs dat we see..we cn understand..but sumtymes we cnt do anything xcept pray 4 da besh..many things hapend 4 a reasons..plz try to endure dat..many things hv been xplain lots of tyme..but we just wudnt want 2 understand it..spice of life huh??haha=p we r da 1 who determine how we gonna live our life!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

salam aidiladha=)

hye dear bloggie..
esk hari raye aidil adha=)
mule2 ingt dh nk kne sambut kt mlk jerk..sbb mayb kames ade class..hoho=p going back 2day!!! ho yeah!
sume sbb tbe2 reyhun ckp..dye nk alik beepee..
syerk itot la skalik..smpi beepee kang..nek bus smpi air htm..pastuh mama@papa amek..

at 1st..ade sum1 yg bek ht nk tlg anta smpi umh..
tp xpela..len kli yerk..jasa anda amat dihargai..sngt2..

okai then..nant2 sambonk cte eh=)


p/s: ape pengorbanan anda utk diri anda..ibu bapa anda..kwn2 anda?? tgk semule drie sendrik..baiki ape ptt..jdk yg terbaek semampu amanillah buat sume..aminn=D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

hye dear bloggie..
meet u again..hehe=p
anyway..nothing 2say..
just 2 share sumthing..

"wat is DONE is DONE..n not 2b UNDONE..
Wat 2b DONE is 2 rmmbr to not DONE d same thing again"

"in life ALLAh doesnt giv d ppl exactly u want..
instead ALLAH gives u d ppl dat u need..
2 TEACH u..2 HURT u..2 LUV u..n 2 MAKE u..
exactly wat u want 2b"

so..just go wif da flow..take everything as ur own experience..
learn everything to endure anything dat might happend in da future..
cuz we neva no wat gonna happend..
just lyke 22..many things dat i hv not faced yet maybe.. prepared..ol da besh frens=)

here is 1 of da pic from cameron..
luv it cuz i look slimm..haha!

p/s: i just wanna b frens wif everybody..everybody makes a big dun worry..cuz i cn handle n control things..luv ol my frens=) thanx a million!

Friday, November 12, 2010


salam..hye dear bloggie..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


hye dear bloggie..
5,6 n 7th Nov was in cameron...
wif sherry..reyhun..hadri..faisal..abu garcia..ijat..n bob..
1st tyme onestly 4 me being there..
was having fun n nice atmosphere opkos..
greeennnn 4 my eyes...

anyway..knowing them was a gud experience..
ol of them were 4 each other..
n i salute their setia kawan among them..thumbs up!
many new things i learn n noe bout them..

der is 1 day..where 3 ppl share sumthing wif me..
opkos bout their personal..
n i hope they will b able to endure their inner feelings..
n pray that da besh thing wil happend 4 them..insyaAllah..

will upload da photos later wen i get it from them..
k then..just hope that we will b able to gather again just lyke dat day..
n may the friendzship last till eternity=)

p/s: thanx 4 taking care of me..i cn see that..not going to say much but may da besh happend..cuz Allah knows besh=) sherry..learn to understand wat u really want in ur life..dont dcide emotionally but dcide vicely..hadri lil bro..u cn count on me if u need me..reyhun dear..u too..kwn2..i luv ol of u=)
just wish dat my sista azra..sista amal cud b there wil b superbly nice..
to my ousemates..sorrie..jgn la majuk lgk..hee=p

Sunday, October 31, 2010

31st October 2010!!

ADE APE EH NGN 31ST October 2010???

p/s:almk..tersalah type plak memule..spe yg terbace 31st august..sorrie..
its october ektly...heee=p my mistake...

Monday, October 25, 2010

dont think too much!

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
looks lyke i meet up wif u frequently ryte..
huhu=p dats mean i am still not dat 4 da tyme being at least..
b4 i get too bz..u might be missing me again..hee=p

see the title for diz post??
dat was wat ppl keep on saying to me..
but i cant stop from THINK TOO MUCH..
how am i supposed to handle dat..
currently..i just handle it by making myself calm..wif any kind of methods..
haha! looks pretty TOO MUCH ryte..i noe..
but dat is how it goes..

my frens do say diz once..
haha=p i guess its a lil true..but ony happends weneva i wear my lenses..
not wen i wore my glasses..izit?? i dunno..
different ppl..different judgments..
but i dun long as i am happy..
plus..der is sum ppl who think dat i am in secondary school=p worries..
but i guess i shud really stop THINK TOO MUCH..
it is mental is tired..n it gives me terrible headache at d end..
guess dats me..=p
k then..

p/s: may da besh things happend..we just need to pray..n HIM will do da rest! =)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

tel me y..wat is d reasons..

Salam..hye dear blogie..
meet u again..
i am speechless!!!
x tau nk ckp ape dh..
just i am exhausted...T_T
**penat otak**

tp syerk tau..Allah ade ngn syerk..moge dipermudahkn segale urusanku..
dunia akhirat..aminn..

p/s: if only i could tel u everything..but i cant..sorry 4 not telling u everything..

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Salam..hye dear bloggie..
meet u once again..hee=)
nothing much 2 say..just to share sumthing..
went out for a midnyte mubi..
i cn say everybody shud watch it..cuz it full of mom+dad 2b life..heh=p
if in fb..the relationships btwn diz 2 people..
i wud say..its complicated TM..
anyhow..the baby was incredibly cuteness!
look at her..heh=p
another 1 thing..wanted to go cameron soooo badly..
shud i??shud i not??
was imagining the strawberry chochalate over there!!!
omg..cmne neh??x tau nk uat decisions!!!
its ok..i shud think vicely then..
pls smile balqis!!may da besh happend 4 u!
juza n nora..i noe u guys keep it 2 u need any1..
me n nadia is aways there=)

p/s: i wonder how is everything..anyway..dh dpt results!! alhamdulillah..but i din managed to get as wat "sum1" xpected me to get..dat sum1 said..if i get dat certain pointer..i wud receive sum present..but earlier i hv need cuz i wont..cuz i know 1 of my subjects..i din perform well..n its true cuz i just get B-..anyhow..still alhamdulillah..=)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MELAKA MAJU 2010!! =)

Salam..hye dear bloggie!
diz thursday maybe oliday..bru nek sem dh pk oliday..haha! harus la kn..
tp2..kne tunggu announcement tmrw nyte dlue..
terbaek la mlk..plng bersih tuh!! tabik2..
tp mmg terbukti pong..kt tmn bunga raya yg syerk tinggal neh..
ghajin woo org mbmb..bkn just ade amek sampah jerk...
tp smpi amek rumput2 n bersihkn daun2 sume..
ciap ghajin ade gotong royong syerk jerk yg x join..
hee=p bkn sengaja ok..ade MUET la..ape la..bkn sengaja ok..
[ok..mungkin itu alasan..lau nk seribu daya kn..haha] mlk cm jerebu japz..ingtkn ade org bakar sampah ke ape ke kn..
tp xkn la smpi merata tpt kn..skalik denga brite..kt indonesia sane..ade sumthing happend..
mlk kne tempias ke?? maybe..x sure..ciap ade student yg pki mask..
xpela..yg penting dh ok..

k la..esk class kul 8 pg..haha..kne tito awl yerk..nanyte..gud luck kt sume yg ade presentation praktikal esk!! =)

p/s: happy 24th anniversary papa n mama!! may our family be bless by Allah aways=)
: ade 3 org punya berpday cuming soon..hoho=p
: to whom it may concern..moge kamoo sabaq n phm ape yg syerk mksdkn..mungkin syerk pong ade uat slh Allah do the rest..HE knows best!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Salam..hye dear bloggie=)
esk start sem bru dh..subject sume bru..
results x kuar lgk..aigoo..nth ape la results yg dpt t..
mntk2..yg terbaek n memuaskan hati..insyaAllah..aminn..

2 wish list 4 diz sem..
.: lgk ghajin..stdy..uat tutorial..sume2 la.:.
.: nk ubh sumthing..tgk la t jdk ke x..lau jdk..syerk gtau:.
takat neh tuh jerk la..yg personal..simpan sendrik sudey..

anyway..neh gamba2 tyme g tepi laut..
tgk org men layang2..neh bg nadia lps dindu dye kt laut..
ektly,dye nk men fine day yerk darling..sabaq2..
[pttnye tyme neh syerk jpe kak amal..kak azra..ira..jules..tgk mubi sme2..n uat wish xpela..bkn msenye lgk..DIA lbey mengetahui yg terbaek utk syerk..]

[up-dua org dak sengalness!]
[down- dua org dak syomel2..]
kami berempat..syerk..feeq..nadia..iwan..
thanx korunk bwk jejalan..lyke2!
p/s:ptg tuh..syerk ngn kwn syerk sorunk neh..ghupenye ade kt tpt yg lbey krg same..wic is mlm tuh sumthing happend..yg syerk pong x tau npe jdk cmtuh..syerk x tau ape dye nk..syerk rse syerk x phm dye decide..bia masing2 kul down dlue..syerk xnk ckp dlm keadaan syerk emo or geram2 ngn org..nant syerk x uat decision wisely..may da besh amanillah pd sume..aminn..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

sticker2 lps MUET

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
done MUET goes well..
was xpect d hardest ques but turn out ok ques..
so..der it goes..hee=p
d best part is one of the examiner was from MMU..weehuuu=p
i helps a lil tho..insyaAllah..

anyway..heres da sticker picca..
of me..nadia..iwan n syafeeq..
just for fun!! i admit..diz is da 1st tyme i do diz stuff..haha=p
it was nice n sweet..kjer lps MUET..
enjoy frens..d colour of life starts full wif piccas back!! =)

me n nadia

randoms of us
us again

Thursday, September 30, 2010

new cloth 4 my dear bloggie..

Salam..hye bloggie..
best x dpt bju bru?? huhu=p sorrie lme x bg adiah..
arie tuh syerk pki bju bru utk raye kn..
kli neh turn bloggie plak melaram..hee=p

pasan x ape2 yg laen..pasan
hee=p sedar x sedar..dh 2 taun dh bloggie neh yerk..
happie berpday 2 u darling ^_^

okai..dh la..tuh jerk nk gtau..
stakat neh..dok umh..selaen tlg mama..
dok hupdate bloggie n tukaq2 dye nye bju..
pasneh..still thinking nk uat ape..
smlm dh join marhaban..hee=p
ade kwn mama ckp.."awk neh amek upsr ke?"
huahua! terase mude remaja kembali=p
tbe2 rase xperlu slim down dh..hahahaha=))

k la..adios..nk bce novel..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

end of september uols..

d moment i miss most..d laughter i miss most..n d warmness i miss most!!
xoxo sista!

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
long tyme no see..hee=p sorrie 4 neglecting you again n again..
just done wif my final xms..over all..i wud say it was ok..
just not satisfied wif 1 paper wic is MIS..its ok tho..
may da besh happend!

anyway..i'll try to hupdate wif more piccas next tyme..
4 a start..diz entry ady hv sum piccas wif it.. of to jhr 2day..helping my mom as usual..
n it was oliday ady guys..ho yeah! i hv 2 wikz oliday..
but then..still need 2 stdy..hv MUET xms diz cumin 14 oct 10..
wish me besh of luck! any tips frens??plz let me noe..plz..thanx a miliion!
hv plans after MUET tho..wif iwan..feeq n nadia..
wer wud it be?dunno yet..i'll just follow..hee=p

fyi, im currently into a korean reality was 'we got married'..
i lurve 1 of d couple..wic is called d "khuntoria" couple..
d combined of nickhun n victoria..heres d link or else..just google it k..

wasnt plan wat d actual thing to do diz oliday..will think it deeply now..
1 of it was trip to up wif sis azra..sis amal..n dearie ira..n kak yana..
but then..we'll see how..i dunno wen i siyeshly b able to meet them..
i mean lyke siyeshly plz..hurm..sigh..

i notice its been long tyme i din hupdate my blog wif usefull in4mation izit..
i'll cum back to dat again..promiz!! insyaAllah..
n i've been reminded dat i am plz use malay language..
so..i'll try 2 managed dat with change it everytyme 4 a new entry..
i mean now im using eng next wud b in malay..

guess i'll stop here 1st..nanyte every1!.

p/s: pray dat i'll managed to get a gud pointer..aminn..pray dat 1 of my fren wud b ok..n not lyke wat im thinking b4..may u hv a gud health..aminn..pray dat my fam n frenz wud b happy aways =) aminn..

Monday, September 6, 2010

9hb or 10hb?? hurmm~~

hye dear bloggie=)
syerk sehat2 jerk..hope kwn2 pong sehat yerk..
ade ape ngn 9hb or 10 hb?? tarikh raye ler..heh=p
ade org ckp calender 10hb..soo..tunggu jerk announcement rbu mlm neh..
sonang cerito ye dok..haha! ape yg penting?? syerk alik esk..wic is 7hb okeh!
saket at jerk every tyme denga lgu raye..sebab still kt cneh..x alik2 lgk..
xpela..class nye psl kn..eh2..sjak ble jujue ghajin neh?? ke tips nye psl??
muahaha=)) sendrik mau pk la kn..

owh2..nenek ira alik msia dh!!!!! nk jpe..tptp..asek x dpt jerk..
kak azra ajk g raye 16hb neh..tptp..xleh nk konferm skrunk..
dat tyme rsenye syerk dh ade kt mlk dh..lau btol nk g pong..
meaning syerk kne gerak drie mlk la kn..hurm..tgk cne eh..
lau dh mean to be 4 me utk g..dpt la jpe nenek ira..mummy amal n grany azra! dh dkt..mine start diz 20hb..wish me luck n oray for da besh!
i hv 2 score..i mean really score! ne keh adeq mng kakak sista juanita..
she get 4 flat in her matrix..acc student tuh..pergh!! ok..sile stdy skrunk..
den wat am i doin updating diz blog??haha..jap jerk kasik can la kn..
soo...ol da besh kwn2 mmurians..yg x MMU tp xm gakz..gud luck gakz yerk=)

p/s: ade org sngt guitar utk syerk..haha! thanx yerk..sebab dreams cum true..heh=p
sooo..selamat hari raye aidilfitri in advance from me!!! nk duet raye!! ^_^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

syurgamu ramadhan

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
sorrie lme sngt2 x singgah..bukan ape...rase mcm x perlu nk update ape2..mcm x penting..
syerk menunggu sesuatu bru nk update rsenye..penugguan tu dh x bergune..
so..akhirnye..syerk update jugak..lps tgk cter "SYURGAMU RAMADHAN"..
spe yg x tgk cte neh..or x pnh denga..sile tgk..tv3..1030pm..every tuesday to thursday..
lau nk sng..mcm syerk y x tentu mase neh..tgk on9 jerk..streaming..

Dlm cte tuh..bnyk sngt msg2nye..even bru 6 episode..cter tuh lau dihayati..
mmg terjadik lam realiti..lau ade org kate klishe ke ape ke..ckp la..x kesah..pendapat msng2 kn..
Bg syerk..cte tuh bnyk ajar syerk..sngt smpi kt hati n pale otak neh..
Plng ayat yg syerk ingt.."ibadah la kamoo seolah2 kamoo akn mati esk..dan bekerjalah kamoo seolah2 kamoo akan idop hingga akhirnye"..

Anyway,kwn2..lau ade syerk uat slh silap pd kwn2..syerk minta maap yerk..lau ade yg terase hati or anything..pls let me noe..syerk x perfect..pernah..masih dan mungkin akan uat kesilapan lgk..but then..syerk akn try to lear from experience n neva DONE the same thing dat I have DONE..ape yg penting is to make sure yg syerk akan uat the UNDONE thing DONE..wic is opkos my goal..insyaAllah..

kwn2..Nuzul Quran dh nk la ape yg ptt ditambah2 yerk..tyme tuh syerk alik..ho yeah! pose n buke ngn fam..akhirnye..merase gakz..kwn2 dan utk syerk jugakz..moge kte sume diberkati Allah and dipermudahkn jlnnye dunia n akhirat..aminn=D

pada yg berkenaan..syerk dh maafkn kamoo lme dh..syerk cume harap kamoo berubah demi kebaikkan diri kamoo sendrie..dn jgk utk happiness mama kamoo espeacially..may Allah bless u aways=) ape yg terjdk..jadikan sejarah..yg penting is da future..think about it deeply k..

ok then..stops here..
p/s: syerk rindu dkt NENEK IRA sngt!! dkt MUMMY AMAL sngt2! dkt GRANNY AZRA sngt2!
i mish my FAMILY the most! May the besh happend 4 my family..aminn^_^

Thursday, August 5, 2010


i am totally over nickkhun!!
his eng was superb!!
x kesah la org ckp dye jambu..
cuz he has the x factor!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hye dear bloggie..
its july! huhu=p
very fast kn...sooo true...
just wanted to say sumthing..
"i will redo things dat i hv done..n troubleshoot it to da ryte position..insyaAllah"
i'll just do wat i think best..n may Allah do da rest!..
ho yeah..i lyke dat..sounds gud!
tyme to sleep..zzzz..
nyte everyone!

Monday, June 28, 2010

mse dpn rahsia ALLAH..

hye dear bloggie..huhu=p

sje jerk neh singgah..rse nk share ngn i am..
hati manusia neh..xderk sape yg btol2 phm kn..
kdng2 even drie sendrie pong x tau ape yg hati kte nk ektly..
kdng2 rse x uat jugak..sebab lau x uat..x tau
kdng2 mungkin ade org kate..mainan perasaan jerk mungkin juge..ianya terjadik..
sebab Allah dh kate kunfayakun..
sume neh kte x tau..
ape yg syerk tau..Allah knows besh! DIA yg tau segale rahsie..
x tetinggal walo satu pong..
mase dpn sume Allah yg tau..sebab DIA yg merancang drie awl..hinggalah akhirnye..
ingt kte neh pelakon jerk..
yg akn dpt bayarannye nant..atas sume lakonan kite kt bumi neh..
moge yg terbaek yg berlaku pd kite sume..

p/s: moge yg terbaek belaku kt sume yg syerk care..kak azra..kak nadia..kak juniors..izzatul..ana..jojo..jaja..even fhbms pong temasuk..n oso B's family..n spe2 yg syerk knal la sng..hee=p aminn~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

ALLAH knows besh!

Salam..hye dear bloggie.. trying to use diz emoticon..just notice ade..sjak ble nth..kind of cute neh..hikkz=p shud i say diz..i pour everything out wic i kept in my heart selame neh..sng kate..sshnye nk ckp sumthing wic cums from my heart..but i feel so lega! i dunno wat gonna happend next..but i really do hope may da besh happend! cuz Allah knows besh!

every people deserve to have their second used it well...dun eva do da same thing again! neva again..people may talk..bout ol kinds of the past history..but past is past..everybody have their own black days ryte..sedangkan Nabi ampunkan umatnya am I to judge and to be mad at people kn..
start a new..frens with everyone..but still..dun choose da wrong one..hurm..ol of u r big enuf to decide ryte..k then..till we meet


Sunday, June 13, 2010

kenduri kawen=D

Dear bloggie..

Been away 4 a while from mlk..x smpi stu arie pong..haha=p
Im in Cyber 4 Kak Ruby weds..

Theme: purple
Venue: MPH, MMU Cyber
People involve: me[opkos]..nadia[ousemate]..feeq n ikhwan..

mlk-> cyber -> kapar (ikhwan ouse) -> cyber -> mlk
wow..kind of places there ryte..heh=p
talking bout Kapar..nk tau stu rahsie x..haha=p
dats da 1st tyme i've been there..i mean really at dat place..
tyme techik len kire la kn..hikkz=p
thanx ikhwan fam 4 their very "warmness touch"..

hurm..anyway..been contacting wif 1 of my fren..
kak nadia once told me to do wat my heart i do dat 2day..
kind of nthla..undescrible..x tau nk ckp ape..
ape2 pong..may da besh happend..
sumtymes its kind of complicated la..everything mix up in my head!!
arghh..tbe2 nk uat head banging emoticon leh x??
i wish i cn..

hurm k la..
kind of dh merapu dh..didaaa then=)
see u later..

p/s: sis azra!!!! i cant find sum1 lyke u yet..tetbe..haha=p
owh n kak amal dh alik happy wif dat!

Monday, June 7, 2010

new sem!!

Dear bloggie..

2day is da 1st day for diz new sem..n 1st day sleeping in my new rented ouse..
feel a lil weird tho ektly..but2..everything goes on as plan..
well..i shud say..a gud day but wif a weird feeling..hee=p
woke up at 6 for subuh..but then..i sleep back n woke up late..sigh..its ok!
cuz my 'date' wif lecturer is around noon..
n i setle dat too..
meet belly in campus..
n sum other frens too=)

havent updated 4 kind of long tyme cuz of the internet probs..
now im back! anyway my sista is in banting now..shes in matrix..
but then waiting 4 da jpa results..
*pray hards* so dat she get wat she want..n i assure uols dat she deserve it..

talking bout family..guys out there..pls do remember fathers day ok!
its diz cuming 20th June..pls aware of it..
1 msgs at least..cud absolutely make ur dad smile the whole day!
who says guys dun lyke to get ol kind of luvly msgs..
dey hv feelings to ok..haha!
oopss..dun1 2 comment much on diz ady..
later i kne "fire" back..better dont..
k then..

2b cont..

p/s: i get 2 no more bout pelangi..may da besh hapends..may Allah bless me..u n each of every people in diz world..aminn=)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

B's family n granny azra^_^

[B's family]

one thing 4 sure..i mish them lots!!

"Bayur..Bulat..Bye-sep..Bo-oh..Butit..Boboy..Bepeng..Bebet..Bulle nye gf..Bajang..Bibee(me)..Belly..

till eternity^_^ "

Nnnnn...i mish kak azra aka my granny too..
oldo its ady may..n my berpday is april..
i still wanna post out wat she told me on my berpday via email..
here was it..

Dear Jujue,
Happy Birthday, sister. On this very special day, I would like to remind you of the day when you cried upon seeing me. :) That was funny. But it shows that I'm always thinking of you and your "mummy". It's hard for me to come over to Melaka or to squeeze you and Amal into my tight schedule but I can manage something. Both of you are very, very special to me.
Jujue, there will be times when life places a big wall in front of you and the only way to learn is to hit that wall and figure out a way to get through it. There will be times when you think that the grass is greener on the other side and you wonder why your life isn't as perfect but you need to realise that whatever that you go through in life, be it good or bad, is just merely experience. They say that experience is the best teacher and trust me, it is.
I have not live long enough to experience everything, but for the last 23 years, I have gained a lot of experience through so many good and bad situations and it all taught me one same thing - to always be positive, stay strong and know that on the other side is happiness waiting for me.
Happy Birthday, Jujue. Put your best foot forward, brave through this world and you'll come out as a strong, independent woman. Just like what your "mummy" and I hope you will become.

a.k.a 'Granma'

dat was ausssuuummm..thanx lots!!i will remember dat aways=D

2b cont..


p/s:- happy teachers day!!
happy berpday nana n azza!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

me n kak amal birhthday bash!! ^_^

hye kekawan n dear bloggie..
fyi, MMU AWARDS 2010 leh focus 100% stdy dh..
100%??? insyaAllah..huhu..
bak kate bf sherry..
ble sebut 100% neh..mknenye kne buat kecuali mmg Allah dh tentukan tidak..
nway..ade promiz nk update psl berpday bash mine n kak amal kn..
tgk kt link bwh neh..
kak azra pinjam post..heh=p

so kekawan..pls read it from da link..


Sunday, April 18, 2010

surprise for me!

Salam dear blogie..

sorrie 4 not visiting u 4 sum tyme..been bizi wif asements n programs..
anyway..yesterday was lyke siyeshly superb!! kak amal n kak azra made a surprise 4 me!
n da besh part is..kak amal plan for her own surprise wic she dunno bout it=p
i wasnt expect for any surprise as kak amal was really into that rockstar jacket..
was just temaning her to bought that jacket..but then it turns out they plan everything for me..haha! thanx lots guys!
syafiq..azwin..manto..khei..reyhun n sherry was there too..
from dp to mubie to mp to dp to playground to bangunan merah to jonker to pak putra to kak amals house!
fuhh..its really exercise!!

will updates later wif da picca itself!
thanx guys!

lots of lurve from me!

p/s: MMU Awards 2010 is near..xm oso really near! all the besh to me!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

invisible! psycho! another weirdo!

hye again bloggie^_^

todays topic is invisible..heheh=p
just wanna share sumthing here..

der is a person who keep on messaging me..
n da most weird is..this person knows much thingy bout me..

>my name
>my sista who just receive her results..wish ol da besh n congrats..

n da besh part is..i dunno who is this person..
none..omg! its "gerammness"..can i use diz word??
[plz say yesh]

n currently..i din reply any of da msg d..
unless..i get ol da xplanation 1st..
den i consider it..

dhla..wanna sleep d..i noe..its early..sounds lyke not me..
but need 2 wake up really early 2mrw..
need 2 go sumwer..
c ya again!

p/s: congrats to my sista who gets xcellent results! im heppie for u..its true ryte..ur results gonna be better then mind^_^

Monday, March 8, 2010


hye bloggie..
im in my midterm break now..
how shud i say eva of u feel weird of sumthing??
i guess i feel it ryte now..its undescrible..
wat i cn say is..der is sumthing bothering my mind...
it keep on turn on n supposed not to flash in my head..
but it happends! omg! y la..adeh=(
most of things reminds me into it..
it just lyke..u noe ryte..i dun hv 2 xplain..
but for the time still in control..dats for sure..huahua=p
may it happends bcuz der is a gud reason behind of it! really hope..*wink*
k then..just to share sumthing i supposed.

p/s: gud luck 2 my sista for her driving test 2mrw!
its gud dat 'we' din able to go to 'dat' particular place..i saw da reason d..
im into rain! im into jacob! im into ji ho! im into me!
owh just pls stop dreaming jujue! but day dream is allow offense ryte?

Friday, March 5, 2010


Salam..hye dear bloggie..

dh kne tegoq ngn yb feeq n sista azra sudey..heh=p 

bkn xmo syerk currently bizi cketz..bizi dgn..

adeh la..bnyk xm ngah midterm xm wik..

as for me..smlm ade 2 midterm..

6-7pm n 8-930pm..

gap 1 hour jerk kotz..seb bek sempat mkn jap..solat jap..n last revision jap..

dedue xm kt xm hall plak tuh..yg sngt la 'dekat' kn..
but i ony satiesfied wif da 2nd midterm xm.. it bcum history focus 4 da next midterm!

tmrw..yesh..its saturday! most of them dh alik umh memasing dh..

n me..still stdying n try to focussing..haha..

its ok..xmnye psl..xderk hal la..kate nk score lgk better diz sem kn..

i just hope im not going to be lyke..

till then..
see ya later..

p/s: if so many things been happening to u..its bcuz Allah loves u more! wuteva makes u stronger! n even a better person! im not saying u r not gud currently..haha u got me ryte..just smile frens!

Fi amanillah to ol my beloved ones^_^ *winks*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

mood : RED!

Heppie CNY! huhu..wink2^-^
Im going bec tmrw 4 CNY..heheh=p am i goin 2 say diz..perhaps..i guess i shud say dat im lucky=)
bcuz most of my malay frens celeb8 hari raya aidilfitri ony..
but as 4 me..i celeb8 both hari raya aidilfitri n CNY..
so..dats it!haha=D
ektly..i wanted 2 say dat i cn collect $ twice..heh=p
"duet rye" n "angpow"..

okai then..
oliday mood..but still..asements need to setle up!
stdy need to boost up!
midterm is round da corner!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

wanna get slim??yup..heres sum way u cn try..i will!

SLIMMING TIP #1: Water power. We’ve all heard that we should drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. But did you realise that by drinking a glass of water before you eat a meal could decrease your appetite? The result will be that you’ll have a harder time eating too much since your stomach is full of water.

SLIMMING TIP #2: Evening tea. This tip is similar to the first one. Often in the evenings, we’ll start feeling hungry. If you give in to this temptation, that’s where the trouble begins because it’s almost guaranteed that whatever you eat in the evening will be added on as extra bodyweight since you won’t have time to work off the calories consumed. So the solution to warding off hunger in the evening is to drink a cup of your favorite tea in the evening to maintain a full feeling.

SLIMMING TIP #3: Deny yourself. It’s proven that if you get a hankering for say pizza or ice cream or anything else that’s calorie loaded and outside your meal times … one of the best moves you can make is to give yourself 15 minutes to deny those hunger signals. Often before 15 minutes are up, you’ll be surprised how those “irresistible cravings” disappear.

SLIMMING TIP #4: Eat more often. By eating five to six small to medium sized meals per day, you will prime your metabolism to burn calories faster than you would if you eat three meals a day.

SLIMMING TIP #5: Early big meals. Many people eat their biggest meal in the evening. As such, your body has limited time to make use of the tremendous calorie dump from that large evening meal. You simply won’t do enough physical activity in the evening as our body’s biorhythm usually slows down. Those excess calories will turn into fat – guaranteed. Can you see why eating bigger meals in the morning or for lunch makes more sense?

SLIMMING TIP #6: Early exercise. By exercising early in the morning, preferably before breakfast, you can speed up your metabolism more easily than if you exercise later in the day.

SLIMMING TIP #7: Include cheat meals. Ideally you want to follow this strategy after you’ve strictly followed a diet for some time. Once you think you’re ready, you can choose to give yourself one or two cheat meals during the week. This will liven up your meal times and it’ll be a special reward for the hard work you’re doing. Plus it’ll help prevent the temptation of just quitting altogether due to boredom or social get together.

SLIMMING TIP #8: Keep trying. It’s important to realise that you’re only human and you will make mistakes with your weight loss program. But because you make mistakes is no excuse to outright quit. Simply keep getting back on the horse.

SLIMMING TIP #9: Always exercise. It’s important to engage in some form of strength training and cardio based exercise. Strength training builds lean muscle, which burns calories at a faster rate. And cardio helps to quickly burn excess calories.

SLIMMING TIP #10: Don’t exclusively strength train. If you’re a woman interested in having a nice feminine shape, then be careful about strength training. Too much of it, will just build up muscle under your existing fat. Some women tend to pack on muscle more readily than others. And after weeks at the gym and intense dieting they may actually look bigger. In this case, it’s important to reduce the amount of strength training you do.

so girls..em..i shud say..guys too..lets do it n giv it a try..u neva noe unless u try it..any1 wanna bet wif me..see whos gonna slim down better..haha..its slimming tyme!!!wink^_^

Friday, February 5, 2010

srm 2gedaness!

Hye there..

After soooo long din meet up wif da x-srm 0809..our beloved mr president.."MR" invited ol of us 4 a dinner..

where to?? its pizza tyme guys!! In the Giant building okey..huhu..

y shud i tell diz..bcuz im not sure wer exactly the location of jerk dh dkt 4 taun kt mlk..

I kol "MR" n ask..izit in Giant or wer??n she asn me diz.."yerp..its in it..neva been to Giant izit??"

better 2 ask ryte..well..nuff of it..i went der with the other 4 pips..

it was reyhun..sherry..bqish..and the only torn among the rosses..hadri=D

k then..heres 1 of da picca of d x-srm!

nway..thanx a million president! len kli panggil la mkn lgk yerk..

mkn free on jerk..heh=p

(click to enlarge da picca)

p/s:- sum things might seems change..but the memories remains!! sum things happend might be bcuz it need to be..might be bcuz its da ony way..may Allah bless ol of us! aminn~~
CNY is round the corner..havent bought any new wearings though..heh=p xpe2..ade mse lgk..wink2^_^

Sunday, January 24, 2010

januarians on mlk river cruise!


hye dear r sum of my picca during the berpday celebrations for my ousemates..we celeb8 it on a boat..its melaka river cruise..terbaek la..wink^_^ neva do diz crazy thinggy it..

[ master plan 4 diz event]

[while on the boat..heh=p..yummy cuppies any1??]

just sum picc of it la k..want 2 see more..its in my fb..hee=p anyway..i am lazy 2 resize da kindda beeg..heh=p [sng cketz org nk tgk..haha]
well..speacial thanx to kak diana from the mlk river cruise team..
bcuz of da speacial offer 4 da boat..wink2^_^
k then..diidaa..

Friday, January 22, 2010

new life..


Its been sum tyme i din hupdate my be exact..nearly 1 month.. n now its been nearly 5 days im bec in new sem..n its also in new year..of course, every tyme new sem..there will be new resolutions ryte..wat i can say is..i just hope the besh for me..insyaAllah..

As 4 my results for last sem..alhamdulillah..i get wat i target..n as 4 diz sem..i'll b taking 5 subjects..n there is nyte classes for me..its okai long as i cn take diz subject n finish my dgree on tyme..aminn~~

just 4 an in4 here..bec in jhr..i hv shifted 2 my new my dear frens..make sure u ol r free wen eva my mom gonna invite uols k..huhu^_^

ektly, i just watch 'ketika cinta bertasbih'..n its a nice story..i hv read the novel itself at the first place..i wish one day i'll b able 2 find a fren just lyke khairul azzam in dat muvie..whom aways hv the solutions n cool in any my dream i offens to day dream ryte..

k then..gonna sleep now..its 145am d...owh2 b4 i 4get..ive met my 'mummy'..hee=p n by the way..heppy birthday 2 januarians.. sis azra n nocha on the 10th..balqish n syafeeq on 16th..ermie on lil sita n fren umai on 20th..and my besties ezatul on diz cumin 23rd^_^.. may Allah bless ol of u n me aways..aminn=D