Thursday, January 8, 2009

epie berpday sis azra n nocha=D

10th January 2009..
is Kak azra n Nocha berpday..
sweet 22 n 19..

[nocha..sweet 19=D]
[nocha laghie..]
# smoger sukses in diz year 2009..
# sehat2 slalue..
# xmo sedey2 laghie..
# maintain syomel..
# may Allah bless u aways..
# xmo melatah2 laghie..
# sayunk kamoo..
# frens till eternity=D

[kak azra..sweet 22..ayu2 jerk..hikkz:P]
[kak azra laghik..ol da wif u..sagil2:P]
[mkn2 pizza..yummy2..ngee:D]
# smoger sehat2 gak..
# dpt kjer trus after grad..
# kekal wif khei..amin..
# may Allah bless u aways..
# sukses slalue gak..
# sisters n besties 4 ever..
# heppie2 aways..
# lurve..lurve..lurve..

hugs n kisses..from me..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

scary bt protective n caring..

Salam..its 347am in da morn..n its 3rd of fast huh??felt like 2009 startes just tyme goes soooo fast..anyway..after stdying..i stop n start 2 watch twilight again 4 da 2nd tyme..
i just dunno diz mubi seems like..i dun mind to watch it over n over again..
its edward cullen eyes..oldo it do looks is full of caring+protective..
sum might say anything i dun mind..
everybody hv their own perception long as..u noe wat u do..n wat ur intention really is..
i noe..i noe..i suppose 2b stdy once a while..xper kn..hikkz:P final starts on diz 7th jan..wic means..i hv around 4 n half days more..OMG..
its OB..organizational behaviour subject..hopes dat da ques not tough..insyaAllah..amin..
ive gone tru sum past year..hopes dat wil helps a lil tho..
n to my frens..ol da besh for diz final ya..sum of dem starts diz monday..aza2 fighting!
n those who r not having xms..prktlkl la pray for ur frens over here okai=D
apprea8 it..

"hopes dat everything goes on as plan..n i'll pray for da i'll just let it matter wats..everything dat happened..sure hv da reason..perhaps me..n u ol out der..shud b more relax..n just follow da helps tho..hmm"