Wednesday, May 11, 2011

thanx sista!

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
my exams done!
brand mngmnt..i was satiesfied wif it..
MA..dun ask..i hope i'll pass 4 diz paper..
anyway, up there was the 3 generations fmly..
(sis n sis amal..)
both of them is the most clossesness to me..
aways der wen i need them..phones..msgs..fb..ym..ol..

owh2..they baught 4 me diz below pressie..hehe;p
wedges by sis azra..shades by sis amal..n rings by sis azra..
sis azra nearly baught 4 me a handbag too..
seb baek x kind of not ready to get "big stuff" 4 my bday pressie..
kind of weird feelings..

budakz2 gave me a pink wallet..
i cant reveal it here..
tau sendrik sudey..
sape tau tuh..tau le nape xley letak gambo kt cneh..huu;p
k then..
goin back to johore tmrw..

p/s: da heart has da reason..but da reason is undefined..sumtymes i just dun understand wat i feel..wat i noe frenz n fmly are wif me..Allah is aslways there 4 enjoyzzz;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

short one^_^

Salam lil bloggie..miss x..haha! just a quikie hupdates..
wen 2 cyber last friday..29 April 2011..
yes i was my berpday..happy bday me;)
Nadia..Yelly..n Thira J's celeb8 me n AidaK bday at Secret Receipe..
It was the one near campus jugakz..thanx uols..lurve2! i lyke da Lasagnia..cedaaappp!!
above was AidaK n my cakes..nyum2^_^

Next day..opkos the main thingy..MMU AWARDS 2011..
we r the 4 gurls..
nadia+yelly+aidaK+me = gossip gurls XOXO..
okai no need 2 mention it..i noe im the shotest! oldo im wearing a 5 inch highheels!!
owh2..sumthing shocks my eyes during dat event..
my previous foundie frenz perform dat day..
hurmm..let me keep the storie k..

Back to mlk on sunday..
next day..da budakz2 wanna celeb8 my bday too..
ciap tutup mate bagai..teehee;p let me keep diz too;p
below was the cake..ceedapp jugakz sbb not dat sweet..
health is important okai!

here was da picca of me during dat nyte..
i noe i am chubby ryte now..dun mention it plzz..
too much eating d..adoi la..

okai..dats it..i noe i said it was a quiky..but2 u noe me..haha!
thanx kekawan sume sbb celeb8 my bday..
luv it!
expecting more piccas later during 3G hang outs;)

p/s: meet sum1 in glad 2 see da changes..i hope it will last 4 eva..may u will get da bless from Allah always..i dunno bout u..but i will always b ur fren..insyaAllah..