Thursday, October 27, 2011

read, think, implement;)

hye dear bloggie..
found diz from them..
think 4 a moment..and implement it 4 a betterment..

err..da 1st one..
i shud take note of it myself..
i admit i am not a perfect person yet..
2nd one..
wen i think of it..yes it is true..
bertepuk seblah tgn xkn bunyik kn..
so, just say bye..there wil b sum1 better 4 u..insyaAllah;)
owh2..plz ignore da lil harsh word..tq!

totally agree wif da statement ryte?
diz is life..

its gud 2 b a romantic person sumtymes..
but b rational plz..
diz happends normally to gurls..
they tend to keep their feelings...
gurls, sumtymes peeps out there just dont understand u..
so wat u shud do is spit it out..
tel 'em..
but if u get da very BFF..she or he will understand u..
n if yes, tcre of ' not lost 'em..

k then, stop here.

p/s: this reminds me of my besties!! lebiu sis azra, sis amal, eza, ana;)
owh2..get well soon bqis..

Monday, October 24, 2011

alas!! tuwit2 ;p

hye dear bloggie..
wanna share wif u..
now i officially hv a twitter!!
ol thanx to "nenek" ira..teeheee;p
see diz cute lil birdy down here..hee^__^
n yes..wa people say was true..
i am addicted to it now..
normally i'll just open fb lykee everyday in the morning..
opkos apart from my email, cmpus buletin boards, news, ect2..
b4 i wud b lykee..
"wats da point 2 hv twitter?"
"twitter??its a no 4 me"
"i scared i cant update it always"
n it goes on n on..
but now..owh my bloggie..
u shud hv a twitter!! i mean now..
not if u r in ur office opkos..fokuss..tehee;p

do follow me if u want to jujue2904
thanx a million^__^
just as diz lil cutie birdy say so ok..heee;p

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Dear bloggie..sorrie 4 neglecting u 4 kind of long tyme..
anyway, receive my results recently..
n Alhamdulillah..its a happy resullts for me;)
ho yeah!!
diz sem wud b my last sem..
then next year i wud b in my industrial training..
n then, done!!
N hopefully i'll get to do my intern at a gud place..
n straight away being hired to that comp officially..
please pray for me bloggiiee..pleaseee..

okai then..will update later..

p/s: congrats 2 ol my frens who just graduated recently!! u rocks! i'll b next insyaALLAH next yr..aminn;)