Tuesday, July 3, 2012

all in 1..hehe;p

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
at last..buley pong berblog..
my lappie uat hal..kdng2 xley type.x tau la nape..
tekan la bnyk mane pong..satu urop pong x kua..haha!

nway, dari april n now dh julai dh pong..
x terhupdate2 kn..now wil try hupdate always back okai;)

heres da combination of few thngs yg jdk ol da way during dat period..

[my bday cake from my family;)]
one day b4 sempat g mkn2 steamboat wif kekawan jpo..
wil hang out wif uguys again 1 day yerk;)

[get a bday pressie from sum1..n dat was dye pnye hand writing..huuu;p]

[here was the pressie..katenye nmpk mcm sejambak bunga..haha!apo2 ajo la jang..;p]
but siyeshly thanx yerk to post it to my house..appreciate it;)

[here was the food at TGI Fridays..sngt2 sdapp!! celeb8 wif dak2 techik..thanx lots!!]
siap kne nyanyi ats krusi..malu amat..wat an experience..haha;)

[here was da cakes..my feveret opkos..white choc macadamia..balqis bday was celeb8td too;) ]
seb bek de balqis teman nyanyi sesame;p

[pressies!!! thanx lots sume^__^ ]

[faizah kawen!! my primary school fren]
sayunk x dpt jpe kwn2 len..masing2 de komitmen..sdey cketz dat tyme..

[jdk pengutip durian kt umh]
papa n mama was not around for olmost 1 wik..
jejalan bandung n jakarta..
so..yes..i need to handle ol..

but then, after both of my parents alik cneh jerk..dpt brite sdey..mak long koma sbb hypo..
then mama tros kne shoot g kl 1st..again im incharge to handle my adeq2..
after dat, wikend bru me n adeq2 gerak kl since xderk skola kn..
tbe2 get news yg my grandma pong x sehat..been asking 4 her children..
so, the folllowing g visit her n again i cant follow sbb my sister is on her way from uum kedah..
then 2 days after..we  get news dat my mak long past away d..tros shoot g sungai buloh..

now, its been few weeks d..i hope dat maklong wil b place di kalangan org2 beriman..insyaAllah..
aminn..she was a great person..sngt2 bek sbb slalue tlg org..Al-Fatihah for mak long..

during dat period..sumthng personal happend too..but let me alon noe n my besties opkos..
mcm x pecaye pong ade..well..Allah knows best;)

k then, nk tdo dh la..esk nk pose..kne bgn awl..

p/s:- pray for me dpt kje cpt2 eh..heeee;p tq!