Monday, June 28, 2010

mse dpn rahsia ALLAH..

hye dear bloggie..huhu=p

sje jerk neh singgah..rse nk share ngn i am..
hati manusia neh..xderk sape yg btol2 phm kn..
kdng2 even drie sendrie pong x tau ape yg hati kte nk ektly..
kdng2 rse x uat jugak..sebab lau x uat..x tau
kdng2 mungkin ade org kate..mainan perasaan jerk mungkin juge..ianya terjadik..
sebab Allah dh kate kunfayakun..
sume neh kte x tau..
ape yg syerk tau..Allah knows besh! DIA yg tau segale rahsie..
x tetinggal walo satu pong..
mase dpn sume Allah yg tau..sebab DIA yg merancang drie awl..hinggalah akhirnye..
ingt kte neh pelakon jerk..
yg akn dpt bayarannye nant..atas sume lakonan kite kt bumi neh..
moge yg terbaek yg berlaku pd kite sume..

p/s: moge yg terbaek belaku kt sume yg syerk care..kak azra..kak nadia..kak juniors..izzatul..ana..jojo..jaja..even fhbms pong temasuk..n oso B's family..n spe2 yg syerk knal la sng..hee=p aminn~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

ALLAH knows besh!

Salam..hye dear bloggie.. trying to use diz emoticon..just notice ade..sjak ble nth..kind of cute neh..hikkz=p shud i say diz..i pour everything out wic i kept in my heart selame neh..sng kate..sshnye nk ckp sumthing wic cums from my heart..but i feel so lega! i dunno wat gonna happend next..but i really do hope may da besh happend! cuz Allah knows besh!

every people deserve to have their second used it well...dun eva do da same thing again! neva again..people may talk..bout ol kinds of the past history..but past is past..everybody have their own black days ryte..sedangkan Nabi ampunkan umatnya am I to judge and to be mad at people kn..
start a new..frens with everyone..but still..dun choose da wrong one..hurm..ol of u r big enuf to decide ryte..k then..till we meet


Sunday, June 13, 2010

kenduri kawen=D

Dear bloggie..

Been away 4 a while from mlk..x smpi stu arie pong..haha=p
Im in Cyber 4 Kak Ruby weds..

Theme: purple
Venue: MPH, MMU Cyber
People involve: me[opkos]..nadia[ousemate]..feeq n ikhwan..

mlk-> cyber -> kapar (ikhwan ouse) -> cyber -> mlk
wow..kind of places there ryte..heh=p
talking bout Kapar..nk tau stu rahsie x..haha=p
dats da 1st tyme i've been there..i mean really at dat place..
tyme techik len kire la kn..hikkz=p
thanx ikhwan fam 4 their very "warmness touch"..

hurm..anyway..been contacting wif 1 of my fren..
kak nadia once told me to do wat my heart i do dat 2day..
kind of nthla..undescrible..x tau nk ckp ape..
ape2 pong..may da besh happend..
sumtymes its kind of complicated la..everything mix up in my head!!
arghh..tbe2 nk uat head banging emoticon leh x??
i wish i cn..

hurm k la..
kind of dh merapu dh..didaaa then=)
see u later..

p/s: sis azra!!!! i cant find sum1 lyke u yet..tetbe..haha=p
owh n kak amal dh alik happy wif dat!

Monday, June 7, 2010

new sem!!

Dear bloggie..

2day is da 1st day for diz new sem..n 1st day sleeping in my new rented ouse..
feel a lil weird tho ektly..but2..everything goes on as plan..
well..i shud say..a gud day but wif a weird feeling..hee=p
woke up at 6 for subuh..but then..i sleep back n woke up late..sigh..its ok!
cuz my 'date' wif lecturer is around noon..
n i setle dat too..
meet belly in campus..
n sum other frens too=)

havent updated 4 kind of long tyme cuz of the internet probs..
now im back! anyway my sista is in banting now..shes in matrix..
but then waiting 4 da jpa results..
*pray hards* so dat she get wat she want..n i assure uols dat she deserve it..

talking bout family..guys out there..pls do remember fathers day ok!
its diz cuming 20th June..pls aware of it..
1 msgs at least..cud absolutely make ur dad smile the whole day!
who says guys dun lyke to get ol kind of luvly msgs..
dey hv feelings to ok..haha!
oopss..dun1 2 comment much on diz ady..
later i kne "fire" back..better dont..
k then..

2b cont..

p/s: i get 2 no more bout pelangi..may da besh hapends..may Allah bless me..u n each of every people in diz world..aminn=)