Tuesday, July 3, 2012

all in 1..hehe;p

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
at last..buley pong berblog..
my lappie uat hal..kdng2 xley type.x tau la nape..
tekan la bnyk mane pong..satu urop pong x kua..haha!

nway, dari april n now dh julai dh pong..
x terhupdate2 kn..now wil try hupdate always back okai;)

heres da combination of few thngs yg jdk ol da way during dat period..

[my bday cake from my family;)]
one day b4 sempat g mkn2 steamboat wif kekawan jpo..
wil hang out wif uguys again 1 day yerk;)

[get a bday pressie from sum1..n dat was dye pnye hand writing..huuu;p]

[here was the pressie..katenye nmpk mcm sejambak bunga..haha!apo2 ajo la jang..;p]
but siyeshly thanx yerk to post it to my house..appreciate it;)

[here was the food at TGI Fridays..sngt2 sdapp!! celeb8 wif dak2 techik..thanx lots!!]
siap kne nyanyi ats krusi..malu amat..wat an experience..haha;)

[here was da cakes..my feveret opkos..white choc macadamia..balqis bday was celeb8td too;) ]
seb bek de balqis teman nyanyi sesame;p

[pressies!!! thanx lots sume^__^ ]

[faizah kawen!! my primary school fren]
sayunk x dpt jpe kwn2 len..masing2 de komitmen..sdey cketz dat tyme..

[jdk pengutip durian kt umh]
papa n mama was not around for olmost 1 wik..
jejalan bandung n jakarta..
so..yes..i need to handle ol..

but then, after both of my parents alik cneh jerk..dpt brite sdey..mak long koma sbb hypo..
then mama tros kne shoot g kl 1st..again im incharge to handle my adeq2..
after dat, wikend bru me n adeq2 gerak kl since xderk skola kn..
tbe2 get news yg my grandma pong x sehat..been asking 4 her children..
so, the folllowing g visit her n again i cant follow sbb my sister is on her way from uum kedah..
then 2 days after..we  get news dat my mak long past away d..tros shoot g sungai buloh..

now, its been few weeks d..i hope dat maklong wil b place di kalangan org2 beriman..insyaAllah..
aminn..she was a great person..sngt2 bek sbb slalue tlg org..Al-Fatihah for mak long..

during dat period..sumthng personal happend too..but let me alon noe n my besties opkos..
mcm x pecaye pong ade..well..Allah knows best;)

k then, nk tdo dh la..esk nk pose..kne bgn awl..

p/s:- pray for me dpt kje cpt2 eh..heeee;p tq!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


salam..hye dear bloggie..
sometyme it feels diz is ryte..but at the other point..
it feels up side down..
some tyme it feels it is da ryte path..
but wen it comes to rationally..realistically..
it feels wrong..
so how? its okai..
there is people saying where..
u just need to follow the flow..
u neva know wen u neva try..
neva will learn anythng..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

april has come;)

"kami tidak akan ucapkan perkataan 'cinta' kepada mana-mana lelaki ajnabi kerana.. kami simpan perkataan itu untuk diucapkan kepada bakal suami kami."

p/s:- quote yg uat syerk tros ckp.."im gonna be lyke diz..insyaAllah"..i am looking for a husband..not a bf..to guide me till the lifeafter..to be my imam..to be my everythng..baek utk agamaku..baek utk fmlyku..baek utk dunia n akhiratku..ya Allah..ENGKAU tunjukkanlh..KAU permudahkanlah urusanku..aminn!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

frens from JPO^__^

hye there..heee;p
promiz to share my frens in JPO ryte..
heres them..
|adam zaquan | Anne Md Zin|
always rest..lunch..dinner..jejalan crik brg..
ol wif them..
owh there is another few person..
tp xderk gamba plak..huuu;p
they r |ayie|wan|siti|
later one day, i'll get their picca n put it here..

well, 5th week is done..
9 more weeks to go..
many thngs hpnd..many unexpected thngs were happening to me..
wat was it..let me n Allah knows it okai..
owh 16th or 17th April..
MMU lecturer will come n visit me at work..
best of luck to me!

k then. cont later.

p/s:- miss ol my best frens..n ousemates opkos;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st week done

hye dear bloggie..heee;p
Its been a week d for me as an intern at JPO..
so far..alhamdulillah..i cn handle most of the thngs..
my job is kind of challenging since i need to handle all kind of customers..
kind of interesting to know there is such an attitude from the people..

lets see some facts within this 1 week..
#been ask on some sensitive issue..
#been shouted by the customer such as "wat the bullshit is this?" *mind da language pls*
#meet Cat Farish n his 1 Malaysia Tv crew
#meet Sultanah Johor f2f..shes beautiful..nice skinn!
#get to drive myself lots now;)
#no time to watch tv..sad bit here..heee;p
#Get staff price for food..this wat i lyke most..

okai..dats it roughly the facts so far..we'll see wat i gonna face later on..
way to go~~ weee~~~

owh here's me in the uniform..
its black from head to toe..all JPO employees MUST wear diz colour ony..
n yess..the attire, they bought for me from padini n G2000..

owh..n I get lost of free foods..
heres one of them..
brownies from cofee been;)
okai then..stop here first..
need to setle up my weekly report..

p/s:- meet lots of new people..nant sharing2 eh..heee;p

Friday, February 17, 2012

done! clap2 hand lgk;p

Salam..dear bloggie..
just a fast hupdates okai..
xderk gamba lgk pong..
kang de mood bru ltk gegamba bnyk2..
neh mud sedey neh..
tp nmpk happy.heee;p
sbb..dh abes exam dh..yeay!!
tdk was my last exam kt MMU..
hopefully sumenye akn pass dgn jayenye..aminn!

mekaseh sume kwn2 sepanjang same2 slame neh..
pasneh jupe2 lgk ble free okai..heee;p
Slamat ber-internship kwn2^__^
salah silap mntk ampun yerk..
sayunk korunk sume;)

k la..bru lps mengemas neh..fenat sudey..


p/s: syerk akn ingt anda sume slalue..akak2 stad..senior2..junior2..lecturers..heee;p

Thursday, February 9, 2012

yeay!! clap2 hand;)

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
hee..sorrie kamoo kne tinggal lgk kn..;p
was bz crik tpt internship n now im in exam week..

nway, 2 paper dh lps dh smlm..
*strategic marketing*
both alhamdulillah la..
tp cuak utk strategic sbb 1st tyme exam format len..
case stdy okeh! bkak2 jerk..hamekkk!
5 pages of case stdy kne bace..soklan 4..
tp each 20m, 30m, 20m, 30m..
mmg essei story telling tyme..hee;p

owh2~~ ingt x dh promiz nk gtau dpt intern mane kn..
here it is..
its JPO!! johore premium outlets;)

alhamdulillah lgk..syukur!!
incharge of customer service and event mngmnt..
haa~~ sape2 yg g JB..singgah la JPO eh..
pasneh lau de sale kt JPO..
akan dicanangkn kt sume kwn2..heee;p

pengalaman crik tpt intern??
dr 11 tpt yg apply..
hanya 4 jerk yg slalue berhupdate ngn syerk..
yg len tros xderk reply..
smpai ade skalik rase..eh x layak ke syerk neh..haha!
tp ingt! rezeki Allah bg x tau ktne..
skalik..JPO mari..okai sngt la tuh kn..
yg 4 tuh is Johore corporation(JCORP), Tv Alhijrah, Lego Land
and JPA..
tp mostly nk IT related people..
x dpt la..sbb sungguh2 nk tpt intern yg berkenaan ngn course kn..hee;p
ade satu comp tuh..hadoii~~
3 hari berturut-turut kol..asek engage..
pk positip! bz agknye..x pong phone rosak agknye..huu;p

k la..dh bebel panjang neh..
pasneh exam 16th Feb..
pls pray for me okai;)

p/s: kak azra, thanx for da advice;) nadia, thanx 4 da support;) mama n papa, thanx for keep on encourage me!! most of all..Thank u Allah!

Friday, January 6, 2012

its january;)

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
first of all..

hehe;p sorrie..
was x sehat..n a lil bit here n there..
anyway, its 2012!!
so fast tyme flies kn..

last Wednesday..
wen 2 seoul garden 2 celeb8 MR bday..
she din noe about it tho..
plus she was having fever on dat day..pity her..
well..heres me..
sibuk tgk 1 grup of abg2 yg x tau napee asek usha meja kte org..
si A: mest sbb asek nyanyi "cinta muka buku"
si B: mest sbb bising sngt..gelak x hengat..
si C: x la..sbb asek kepala hangguk2..mne x nye..laghue rock..
ngah mkn psng laghue cmtuh..hadoiyyaii2..
si D: dh2..lantak la..yg penting happy!!

trying to amek gamba candid..
tp nadia perasan plak..dh dye senyum dgn happynye..
oppss~ sorry yelly;p
hah amek! gossip gurls..
lme x jpe kn..haruss la hupdates..
sarah| erin | fariza

heres da bday gurl..
Mr!! aka Atikah aka Bam..
Happy Bday mr!!
may Allah bless u always;)

ptg tuh..xderk kje..
g men snake n ladder..
ciap suggest sape kalah kne denda!
n yess..i was da 1 yg suggest..
n i was da 1 yg klh..
dendanye adeeee la..heee;p

mlm g karoke..
dkt jerk..bukit bruang jerk..
then alik umh..dangg!!

p/s: anticipating 13th jan..c ya besties!