Monday, December 21, 2009


hye dear bloggie..
luse maybe alik..
x pong tulat syerk alik..
so..syerk akn tinggalkn dear bloggie uat sementara waktu yerk..
tcre yerk dear bloggie..
dun worry bout me..
i wil b ok..
lots of stuff need 2b setle tyme sem break..
see ya!


Friday, December 18, 2009


ol da besh kekawan yg xm!
guga gaga exam!
life from mmu mlk..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

jacob! edward! rain!

hee..lme dh x hupdate..jgn mrh yerk..
lately..everything looks norm 2 sum da exact is..everything upside down..
it just v pretend lyke nothing happend..
sad case wut 2 do..dun1 it 2 b more worse.. of my fren,his dad were admitted in da ospital..
xcident dat day..hopefully he wil b oryte..
just rmmbr dat me n my fren wil aways support u no matter wut k..
ryte now..ur family is important..dun think of other probs 1st k..
but still..tcre of ur health n ur stdy..
i cant mention his name..bcuz he ask me too..
so..just a brief one tho..

i bought 6 novels of 'little black dress' publication..
but paid ony for 4 of them..
buy 2 free 1..hehe=p
so..guess its worth my investment on novels..
manage to read ol of them..except 2..
hv 2 stop now..exam is round da corner..
hopefully i manage to upgrade my pointer summore diz sem..insyaAllah..
k then..cont later k..

p/s:- i hv fb d..haha..after soo long..thanx ira..4 calling me from dublin!..terharu gle!..i heard 'mummy' is in mlk yesterday n 2day..dunno is it true was wondering..wut shud i do 2 erase diz sumkind of memorry in my memory chip..adeh assasin was superb! new moon was superb cuz jacob is in it! i dunno wats da point im writing ol diz..but own bloggie wut..haha..chow guys!