Saturday, June 29, 2013


Salam..dear bloggie..
i really do miss my best friends!!!
i miss kak azra n kak amal..oldo i meet them last week..
n we always watssapp..
i miss ana..i miss jojo..i miss iza..ol 3 my tigs frens..
n ol 3 is teachers n lecturer proud of u 3..
i miss rini..i miss nadia n mmu frens..
was googling n suddenly thnk of ol of u..
found this image..
n this image too..
wic is so true...
i just wanna say..i miss u guys..i mean lots..
mish those laughter!! mish those joys!!
i'll pray that all of you b bless by Allah..
always under HIS care..
happy always wif fmly n wuteva u r doing..
n all others wic is gud n positive..


p/s: saturday 29th June is Ubiness aka Nasrul Idzat weds..i thnk im not going to be there since most of my fren is not here..y did Ubiness x bg dye org kad jgk..i siyeshly feel serba salah..i'll try to make it InsyaAllah if i can..well, pray dat u will go tru ur new journey wif full of barakah, n hv a sakinah, mawaddah warahmah fmly indeed..insyaAllah;)

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Dear bloggie...i siyeshly adore shoes..stilettos...heels and especially wedges..
they make me feel more confident at tymes..
since yeah im gonna admit it here..
since im not tall and the shottest among my fmly..
but consider ok alright..;)
really luv wedges..
see ol diz wedges in da picca below..owh my..
the colours is siyeshly tempting..

n did u noe dat there is even a visual shoe dictionary??
heres one..
knowledge on shoes..
well..i just know bout it tho..hehe;p
anyway, when im googling this wedges and stilettos image..
i found this picca..
it was lyke..owh snap!
it freaking me out n i was comparing my legs condition..wif the picca..
yes i noe..
n u might do da same i bet..if u r shoe lovers and gurls of course..

i think i shoud not wear it frequent..might b sumtymes only..
i need to giv my legs rest too..
i did feel tired from wearing it since i did wear it up to more than 6 hours at tymes..
i really mean it..i MUST..
pls gurls out there..
u too do tcre of your health okai..including this..
nanyte then..

p/s: i do sumtymes cudnt undrstnd my own mind n heart..

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

pesanan mama..

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
sy bru je sehat alhamdulillah..dat day kne U.R.T.I..
xpe..saket tuh kn penghapus dosa..heee;p

nway, hati rse nk tukaq cketz2 gambaq kt bloggie berwajah bru cketz..
lgk syomel + kiutta amat rsenye ^__^

owh2..sjak akhir2 neh..
selaen pesanan2 biase mama..
mcm..ko jgn lupe solat..jgn asek kje smpi x mkn..
ko dh ini..ko dh itu..haha..
pesanan baru yg hari2 kalo ade point..
adalah mama swuh sy seperti gambaq di bwh.. tau anda phm mksd sy..
dan x ckop dgn tuh..
everytyme nmpk bju baby or baby org..
ko ble lgk neh long nk jdk mcm..
ye..skali lg spt gamba di bwh..
(gambaq google)
dan sy pun jwbla cmni..
cmne nk jd cm gambaq2 kt ats tuh mama..
x jumpaq lgk orgnye..yg jumpaq dlu2..
suma nthla..ssh nk terang..
ade yg dh slamat bina masjid dh..alhamdulillah..ade yg sesuai jd kwn ja..
yg mana sy rse sume mest ade hikmahnya..insyaAllah..
wahai bakal imam dunia akhirat smpai jannah insyaAllah..
sy tunggu Allah kate kunfayakun..
untuk gerakkn hati sy n anda ye..
dear day along akn jmpa jgk orgnye k..
mcm dlm gambaq bwh neh..(gambaq sekadar hiasan)..
cheq sedaq drie neh sapa..x la baguih insyaAllah akn perbaiki cketz2 ye..

skrng neh..bnyk dgn kwn2 ja la..
mcm dlm gamabaq kt bwh neh..
seb bek la depa sume best amat! always there wen i need u la sng kate..
heee;p sy sayunk kwn2 sy..
lebiu la..
frens till eternity yerk..insyaAllah-;)

okai then bloggie..
esk kne kje..

p/s:- dat day p langkawi ngn fmly..3 hari 2 mlm..alhamdulillah..