Thursday, January 2, 2014

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hye dear bloggie..
tyme flies just to fast..
another year has come and say hello to all of us..
Alhamdulillah I was able to say hello back..
thank Allah for dat..
few things hapend towards the end of 2013..

one..kak amal's new born baby has some heart problem..
Alhamdulillah I was there wif sis azra after few hours she was born..
26th Dec 13..after work..i fetch sis azra n off we go to DEMC..
we stay till 1 pm at most..
Alhamdulillah Aisyah Humairah..the baby's name..
is back home wif  her mummy amal;)
may Allah bless her fmly..n gave full strength to them..insyaAllah..

two..i dunno y i feel uneasy to go to my comp annual dinner aka "new yr countdown" they name it..
at first..I was lyke..
xyah g ade kakak swuh tmnkn..sbb last yr i din go..
so i was lyke..okai la..buley la..
sum ppl say..picca tells u everythng..
BUT..the picca dat they tag me..looks "soooo happy.." frens tell me..we need 2b happy..
so post sume gamba happy2 sajo..
conclussion..i will neva attend any of my comp event anymore..
the environment..let ony me n my frens noe it..
we just our lucky draw prizes..then way back home.. fren was granted by Allah to go 'there'..
Alhamdulillah..everythng went well i guess..
insyaAllah..Allah will ease ur journey..aminn;)

four..i just notice..this entry kindda long..
i mean looonnggg enuff..whoeva reads this..
u siyeshly hv those kesabaran..the question is..
is there ppl who read this??hahaha!

k then..may 2014 will rise n shine in my life^_^

p/s: dear Allah..u noe better wats in my heart..u noe better wats gud 4 me..