Saturday, July 23, 2011

hye dear bloggie..
currently need tyme 4 myself..
am i aware of it..but dun1 2 admit it..
or just bcuz he@she is my fren n i care bout them..
so i let it be..
i am so confused n i hate diz..
i hate cheaters!! i hate people who dunno how 2 respect frenship!
u respect me..i'll respect u..
u din do it..u'll get it..

p/s: i look strong in the outer surface..but my heart is fragile..i just make myself look nothing cn make me down..da thing is..i am a human being..i am not perfect..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

suke tgk farah;)

Hye bloggie..
x jelesh ngn sesape dh..heee;p suke tgk org xpe..jelesh jgn!
bersyukur dgn ape yg ade..
sume org ade speciality nye..;p

nk gtau bloggie..suke tgk make up farah af2 neh..
bju dye pong beautiful owhh^__^
ok bye..nk ckp tuh jerk;p

p/s: kol mama..mama ckp ngah kutip durian blakang ngan dpn umh..ini jelesh!! haha;p

Friday, July 15, 2011


bloggie..jeleshh amat ngan org santekk..
jelesh ngn org pandai sngt2..
jelesh sume la!
ok bye!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

new book + new eye liners = ^__^

Salam..hye dear bloggie...
2day temaning my ousem8 buy things..
n i myself by some things too..huuu;p
above was a novel title " Men I've Loved Before" by Adele Parks..
looks interesting to me..
u cn google up the review urself to noe it more..
did i tell u bloggie..
its been a loooongggg tyme i din read any novels or buy it kn...
been eyeing for another 3 books..ngah sale 50% ryte y not ryte..
another 3 are"Meet me at the cupcake cafe" by jenny colgan, "getting away with it" by julie cohen and "mothers and daughters" by kate long..

Then, i bought 2 eyeliners..
normally i'll buy black..but diz tyme its differ..
its silver and purple!!
heee;p sometymes we need something new kn..
y not??;p
it was from elianto and its 50% too;p
pandai kn syerk beli tyme sale..haha!
safe my $$$ opkos..

i nearly bought pair of heels and stilettos..
da heels was yellowish plus choc colour and the stilettos was greyish colour..
both totally awesome!!
tp...i am still back 2 reality..
student2!! xley beli bnyk2..
i cn..but i choose not too..better lyke dat..
oldo i totally love it..

k then..type offs!!
nanyte bloggie;)

p/s: i'll play with the games;p nk bace buku "aku terima nikahnya" and "men are from mars, women from venus" hurmmm..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

therapy 4 me^__^

Hye bloggie..haha! sorrie dizturb u..i cant decided 2 hv some terapi..n here u go..googling stilettos!! siyeshly makes me SMILE till ears..heee;p

this red + black stilettos siyeshly looks gojess!! very nice combinations..
if i wear it..confirm i'll look ermmm...let me keep it 2 myself..

anyway, diz is number 1 feveret..1 day i'll get diz..

Next, is diz 3 stilettos... blacky looks totally elegant to me!! bluuisshh greeenn..makes me feels leisure..walking or hanging out wif frenz...n da greyish..wear it wif skinny jeans + top with a gurl printed picca! owh God..berangan jerk lbey..haha!

okai..fineeeee...i admit...i just love stilettos..wedges..heelss.. i myself..have some..y not?? it makes me feel more confident..n a lil bit of a higher effect opkos! huu;p k..nuff said..done wif my therapy.. nyte bloggie..luff ya!


kenapa harus menyimpan..
kalau betol ade sayang..
kenapa harus lakukan..
jika tahu implikasinya..

adakah kerana akal yg sudah mati..
atau hati yang tidak pasti..
bertanya pada diri sendiri..
apekah yg sebenarnya yg terjadi.. just undescrible..bloggie..i just hope one day things wud b settle off..
no more secreto..cuz diz makes frenzship apart..
i dun lyke diz up side down situation..
sis azra do ask me b4..y do i always hv 2 face diz kind of situation??
i dun hv d ans..might be HIM wanted me to learn bout life from ol diz surroundings perhaps..
thats the enigma..
k then bloggie..tcre!!

p/s: transformers daebak!! so cool!! i admit i regret 4 not watching da 1st n 2nd sequal..but..but..dun worry..i watched it d..thanx to yelly..haha!