Friday, December 5, 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t..
Hye2 bloggie..
long tyme no see ryte..kekeke back to johor..
since early sept till its almost 3 months..
many2 things happened within this period...

#1..i've started work at my new place..Mah Sing Group..since 22nd Sept..
#2..I get to be with my family everyday..Feels so good!!! less worryness..
#3..I drive lots..i mean really lyke took me at least 45mins to work everyday..
i admit..da tiredness is there but it just vanish once u r back at home..
every1 is there..except my lil sister since shes in Kedah..
but i'll meet her soon in Jan!
#4..I started to have many2 kind of feelings..
happy..worried..jellesh..concern..n many2 more la..
lemme keep da rest to myself..
sum1 need 2b blame 4 diz..huhu..
u noe who u r..well..Allah knows
#5..i think i might hv gain weight a lil..bcuz of my opismate..
she really do luv eats n keep on buying food for me..
idk how to say no..diz is really a big problem..
oldo i do jog n doing sum squat challenge..
but at points i feel dat i need to stop eating always!!
#6..on the 27th 2 adeq kembaq officially graduated from Secondary School..keke
See hows time flies..owh my..
been sending and fetching them from schools..tuisyen..sports etc..
i salute parents!!
#7..wanted to chop of my hair since October but still havent chop it off..
feels soooo sayangggg..but working make me no tyme to really take care..
i iz sad..srobbsss! sorry but i'll still chop u off sooner or later..

k then bloggie..
diz iz few things dat hpnd in my life..
wanted to share valuable n knowledgeable post with u..
but just gimme sum space to pour this out wif u k..
lebiuuu la bloggie..

p/s: Astagfirullah for the past..Alhamdulillah for current..and in syaa Allah for the future..