Sunday, January 24, 2010

januarians on mlk river cruise!


hye dear r sum of my picca during the berpday celebrations for my ousemates..we celeb8 it on a boat..its melaka river cruise..terbaek la..wink^_^ neva do diz crazy thinggy it..

[ master plan 4 diz event]

[while on the boat..heh=p..yummy cuppies any1??]

just sum picc of it la k..want 2 see more..its in my fb..hee=p anyway..i am lazy 2 resize da kindda beeg..heh=p [sng cketz org nk tgk..haha]
well..speacial thanx to kak diana from the mlk river cruise team..
bcuz of da speacial offer 4 da boat..wink2^_^
k then..diidaa..

Friday, January 22, 2010

new life..


Its been sum tyme i din hupdate my be exact..nearly 1 month.. n now its been nearly 5 days im bec in new sem..n its also in new year..of course, every tyme new sem..there will be new resolutions ryte..wat i can say is..i just hope the besh for me..insyaAllah..

As 4 my results for last sem..alhamdulillah..i get wat i target..n as 4 diz sem..i'll b taking 5 subjects..n there is nyte classes for me..its okai long as i cn take diz subject n finish my dgree on tyme..aminn~~

just 4 an in4 here..bec in jhr..i hv shifted 2 my new my dear frens..make sure u ol r free wen eva my mom gonna invite uols k..huhu^_^

ektly, i just watch 'ketika cinta bertasbih'..n its a nice story..i hv read the novel itself at the first place..i wish one day i'll b able 2 find a fren just lyke khairul azzam in dat muvie..whom aways hv the solutions n cool in any my dream i offens to day dream ryte..

k then..gonna sleep now..its 145am d...owh2 b4 i 4get..ive met my 'mummy'..hee=p n by the way..heppy birthday 2 januarians.. sis azra n nocha on the 10th..balqish n syafeeq on 16th..ermie on lil sita n fren umai on 20th..and my besties ezatul on diz cumin 23rd^_^.. may Allah bless ol of u n me aways..aminn=D