Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st week done

hye dear bloggie..heee;p
Its been a week d for me as an intern at JPO..
so far..alhamdulillah..i cn handle most of the thngs..
my job is kind of challenging since i need to handle all kind of customers..
kind of interesting to know there is such an attitude from the people..

lets see some facts within this 1 week..
#been ask on some sensitive issue..
#been shouted by the customer such as "wat the bullshit is this?" *mind da language pls*
#meet Cat Farish n his 1 Malaysia Tv crew
#meet Sultanah Johor f2f..shes beautiful..nice skinn!
#get to drive myself lots now;)
#no time to watch tv..sad bit here..heee;p
#Get staff price for food..this wat i lyke most..

okai..dats it roughly the facts so far..we'll see wat i gonna face later on..
way to go~~ weee~~~

owh here's me in the uniform..
its black from head to toe..all JPO employees MUST wear diz colour ony..
n yess..the attire, they bought for me from padini n G2000..

owh..n I get lost of free foods..
heres one of them..
brownies from cofee been;)
okai then..stop here first..
need to setle up my weekly report..

p/s:- meet lots of new people..nant sharing2 eh..heee;p

Friday, February 17, 2012

done! clap2 hand lgk;p

Salam..dear bloggie..
just a fast hupdates okai..
xderk gamba lgk pong..
kang de mood bru ltk gegamba bnyk2..
neh mud sedey neh..
tp nmpk happy.heee;p
sbb..dh abes exam dh..yeay!!
tdk was my last exam kt MMU..
hopefully sumenye akn pass dgn jayenye..aminn!

mekaseh sume kwn2 sepanjang same2 slame neh..
pasneh jupe2 lgk ble free okai..heee;p
Slamat ber-internship kwn2^__^
salah silap mntk ampun yerk..
sayunk korunk sume;)

k la..bru lps mengemas neh..fenat sudey..


p/s: syerk akn ingt anda sume slalue..akak2 stad..senior2..junior2..lecturers..heee;p

Thursday, February 9, 2012

yeay!! clap2 hand;)

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
hee..sorrie kamoo kne tinggal lgk kn..;p
was bz crik tpt internship n now im in exam week..

nway, 2 paper dh lps dh smlm..
*strategic marketing*
both alhamdulillah la..
tp cuak utk strategic sbb 1st tyme exam format len..
case stdy okeh! bkak2 jerk..hamekkk!
5 pages of case stdy kne bace..soklan 4..
tp each 20m, 30m, 20m, 30m..
mmg essei story telling tyme..hee;p

owh2~~ ingt x dh promiz nk gtau dpt intern mane kn..
here it is..
its JPO!! johore premium outlets;)

alhamdulillah lgk..syukur!!
incharge of customer service and event mngmnt..
haa~~ sape2 yg g JB..singgah la JPO eh..
pasneh lau de sale kt JPO..
akan dicanangkn kt sume kwn2..heee;p

pengalaman crik tpt intern??
dr 11 tpt yg apply..
hanya 4 jerk yg slalue berhupdate ngn syerk..
yg len tros xderk reply..
smpai ade skalik rase..eh x layak ke syerk neh..haha!
tp ingt! rezeki Allah bg x tau ktne..
skalik..JPO mari..okai sngt la tuh kn..
yg 4 tuh is Johore corporation(JCORP), Tv Alhijrah, Lego Land
and JPA..
tp mostly nk IT related people..
x dpt la..sbb sungguh2 nk tpt intern yg berkenaan ngn course kn..hee;p
ade satu comp tuh..hadoii~~
3 hari berturut-turut kol..asek engage..
pk positip! bz agknye..x pong phone rosak agknye..huu;p

k la..dh bebel panjang neh..
pasneh exam 16th Feb..
pls pray for me okai;)

p/s: kak azra, thanx for da advice;) nadia, thanx 4 da support;) mama n papa, thanx for keep on encourage me!! most of all..Thank u Allah!