Wednesday, October 28, 2009

betting game begins!

arie neh results pass sme subject..
pointer pong alhamdulillah..

arie neh xmo ckp bnyk2..
jom2..uat time table stdy..
skrunk neh betting game begins..hee=p
spe dpt plng bnyk A..dye mng..
spe kalah kne uat sumthing..hohoho=D
sy akan uat ape yg sy rse sy nk uat..nobody cn stop me!

dindu same sume org..hurm..
sem neh rse cm kureng xpe..betting!hee=p


Monday, October 26, 2009

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
lmer dh x hupdates yerk..almaklumlah..2 wiks oliday..bloggie pong di-olidaykn skalik..
hikkz=p as usual..kt umh mmg x on9 langsung..
nway..arie neh 26hb oct, 2nd trimester begins...
n fyi..1st day dh kelam kabut..
bkn sbb sbb nthla..x tau nk ckp..
last cek schedule smlm ptg..ok jerk..
suppose ad class pg tdk..8-10am..subject sales..
tp lam class neh sumer muke2 bru jerk..
x knal langsung..tbe2 de chinese guy ckp..
ad clashing venue ngn dak subject len..
haih..kte org cek alik..ghupe2nye..dh tukaq time table..
sme up side down dh..seb bek dat chinese guy gtau..hurm..
x psl2 kne susun schedule alik..adeh..nk uat cner kn..
plus..lecturer sme x hupload notes lgk..felik2..
apsal sem neh sme felik2..fening2..
dh la..sje jerk nk storie2..heh=p

owh2 lupe..dat day bday kekawan sy..
10th oct 09..bday farahin..
24th oct 09..bday abg aizam..
[dh wish kire valid ok..x kire..hee=p]
25th oct 09..bday kak ain..
[sy stuju ngn kak ain..bkn mkn tua mkn matured..huahuahua=p]

k then..stop here dlue yerk..

memorie mse darjah 4..yg ne sy..spe terror?huahua=p

Friday, October 9, 2009


hye exams over..yeah!..alhamdulillah..everythings seems still in dad wil fetch me diz saturday..n dats da happiest thing..bcuz bkn sng woo my dad nk fetch..hehe:P
understand y he cudnt aways..its ok..

ive done wat i really wanna done..oldo i din get da real clear picca...just hope everything wil b fine again..i dunno wat shud i do i guess..i just follow da flow..let it be..guess diz is..'kunfayakun'..ony HE knows wats besh for ol of us kn..

lately..i heard many disaster philipines..samoa..indonesia..thank goodness malaysia was just fine..dat day..der r sum ppl who forwading ol kind of msgs saying sumthing gonna happend..but its totally not true..alhamdulillah..

o..m..g..i just need my own tyme..i just need sumthing 2 distract me..guess i gonna accept 1 of my fren offer 2 do sumthing..oldo i so not into it..but i need it 4 now..bizi beee..hopes dat wil work for me..

k la..wil post out primary fren school picca soon..i mish dem many memorries pop up one by 1 now..tcre to da fullest!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

xm wik!

2hb 10 syerk xm..
smpi la 8hb neh..
skrunk mse ntk fokus xm dlue yerk..
nant lps xm bru setlekn lil thingy..
kak azra..sile kuatkn n tabahkn at anda yerk..
nything let me noe tau..
kak amal..mekaseh..n hope u setle urs too=D
julie...ol da besh interbiew diz sat..
nant leh terbang slalue..aminn..=D
ira..tcre slalue kt dublin..huhu..
'salam perantauan' yerk..huahuahua..
okai dokie..diidaa..

p/s:- ol da besh kt sumer mmurians..syerk bru setat xm neh..spe yg dhnk abesh..shaadaap.huhu..H.L.O.V.A.T.E