Thursday, September 4, 2014

*N4Di4 4MiN4h*

hye2 bloggie!!
long tyme no c..heee;p

kekonon xmo berblog during fasting month..
tbe2 terbwk smpai skrng pule..keke
many2 thngs hpnd to me during dat period..
tp im so grateful ol dat hpnd to me..
sbb i learn 2b more n more sabaqq..

NADIA AMINAH is married!!
finally..after 9 years of relationship..
i am siyeshly happy for ya!

heres the picca of gegurls n her..
NADIA swuh pkai baju wane nude..i finally wore a white cream scarf after so long..
sbb dlue ade org pnh tego..katenye i look pale in dat colour..
well..from left..
kak ain|yelly|me|NADIA|fatin|aidaK|aness|balqis

 n....another picca of us..keke
lame yg hamatt x jumpa mrk2..ok..xcept fatin..sbb shes nearby me..
kisses from gegurls for bloggie.. xoxo bloggie, 9th sept will b my last day working wif Empire..
2 years im wif very 1st job after grad..
well..ill b working in JB soon!!
nant dh start koje kte share2 lgk eh..
k then bloggie..ttyl..

p/s: *silent prayer*..owh Allah..if its fated, pls do ease the journey..i believe in UR destiny for me..n i trust UR arrangement for my life..may the best thing;)