Tuesday, March 27, 2012

frens from JPO^__^

hye there..heee;p
promiz to share my frens in JPO ryte..
heres them..
|adam zaquan | Anne Md Zin|
always rest..lunch..dinner..jejalan crik brg..
ol wif them..
owh there is another few person..
tp xderk gamba plak..huuu;p
they r |ayie|wan|siti|
later one day, i'll get their picca n put it here..

well, 5th week is done..
9 more weeks to go..
many thngs hpnd..many unexpected thngs were happening to me..
wat was it..let me n Allah knows it okai..
owh 16th or 17th April..
MMU lecturer will come n visit me at work..
best of luck to me!

k then. cont later.

p/s:- miss ol my best frens..n ousemates opkos;)