Saturday, February 13, 2010

mood : RED!

Heppie CNY! huhu..wink2^-^
Im going bec tmrw 4 CNY..heheh=p am i goin 2 say diz..perhaps..i guess i shud say dat im lucky=)
bcuz most of my malay frens celeb8 hari raya aidilfitri ony..
but as 4 me..i celeb8 both hari raya aidilfitri n CNY..
so..dats it!haha=D
ektly..i wanted 2 say dat i cn collect $ twice..heh=p
"duet rye" n "angpow"..

okai then..
oliday mood..but still..asements need to setle up!
stdy need to boost up!
midterm is round da corner!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

wanna get slim??yup..heres sum way u cn try..i will!

SLIMMING TIP #1: Water power. We’ve all heard that we should drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. But did you realise that by drinking a glass of water before you eat a meal could decrease your appetite? The result will be that you’ll have a harder time eating too much since your stomach is full of water.

SLIMMING TIP #2: Evening tea. This tip is similar to the first one. Often in the evenings, we’ll start feeling hungry. If you give in to this temptation, that’s where the trouble begins because it’s almost guaranteed that whatever you eat in the evening will be added on as extra bodyweight since you won’t have time to work off the calories consumed. So the solution to warding off hunger in the evening is to drink a cup of your favorite tea in the evening to maintain a full feeling.

SLIMMING TIP #3: Deny yourself. It’s proven that if you get a hankering for say pizza or ice cream or anything else that’s calorie loaded and outside your meal times … one of the best moves you can make is to give yourself 15 minutes to deny those hunger signals. Often before 15 minutes are up, you’ll be surprised how those “irresistible cravings” disappear.

SLIMMING TIP #4: Eat more often. By eating five to six small to medium sized meals per day, you will prime your metabolism to burn calories faster than you would if you eat three meals a day.

SLIMMING TIP #5: Early big meals. Many people eat their biggest meal in the evening. As such, your body has limited time to make use of the tremendous calorie dump from that large evening meal. You simply won’t do enough physical activity in the evening as our body’s biorhythm usually slows down. Those excess calories will turn into fat – guaranteed. Can you see why eating bigger meals in the morning or for lunch makes more sense?

SLIMMING TIP #6: Early exercise. By exercising early in the morning, preferably before breakfast, you can speed up your metabolism more easily than if you exercise later in the day.

SLIMMING TIP #7: Include cheat meals. Ideally you want to follow this strategy after you’ve strictly followed a diet for some time. Once you think you’re ready, you can choose to give yourself one or two cheat meals during the week. This will liven up your meal times and it’ll be a special reward for the hard work you’re doing. Plus it’ll help prevent the temptation of just quitting altogether due to boredom or social get together.

SLIMMING TIP #8: Keep trying. It’s important to realise that you’re only human and you will make mistakes with your weight loss program. But because you make mistakes is no excuse to outright quit. Simply keep getting back on the horse.

SLIMMING TIP #9: Always exercise. It’s important to engage in some form of strength training and cardio based exercise. Strength training builds lean muscle, which burns calories at a faster rate. And cardio helps to quickly burn excess calories.

SLIMMING TIP #10: Don’t exclusively strength train. If you’re a woman interested in having a nice feminine shape, then be careful about strength training. Too much of it, will just build up muscle under your existing fat. Some women tend to pack on muscle more readily than others. And after weeks at the gym and intense dieting they may actually look bigger. In this case, it’s important to reduce the amount of strength training you do.

so girls..em..i shud say..guys too..lets do it n giv it a try..u neva noe unless u try it..any1 wanna bet wif me..see whos gonna slim down better..haha..its slimming tyme!!!wink^_^

Friday, February 5, 2010

srm 2gedaness!

Hye there..

After soooo long din meet up wif da x-srm 0809..our beloved mr president.."MR" invited ol of us 4 a dinner..

where to?? its pizza tyme guys!! In the Giant building okey..huhu..

y shud i tell diz..bcuz im not sure wer exactly the location of jerk dh dkt 4 taun kt mlk..

I kol "MR" n ask..izit in Giant or wer??n she asn me diz.."yerp..its in it..neva been to Giant izit??"

better 2 ask ryte..well..nuff of it..i went der with the other 4 pips..

it was reyhun..sherry..bqish..and the only torn among the rosses..hadri=D

k then..heres 1 of da picca of d x-srm!

nway..thanx a million president! len kli panggil la mkn lgk yerk..

mkn free on jerk..heh=p

(click to enlarge da picca)

p/s:- sum things might seems change..but the memories remains!! sum things happend might be bcuz it need to be..might be bcuz its da ony way..may Allah bless ol of us! aminn~~
CNY is round the corner..havent bought any new wearings though..heh=p xpe2..ade mse lgk..wink2^_^