Monday, April 26, 2010

me n kak amal birhthday bash!! ^_^

hye kekawan n dear bloggie..
fyi, MMU AWARDS 2010 leh focus 100% stdy dh..
100%??? insyaAllah..huhu..
bak kate bf sherry..
ble sebut 100% neh..mknenye kne buat kecuali mmg Allah dh tentukan tidak..
nway..ade promiz nk update psl berpday bash mine n kak amal kn..
tgk kt link bwh neh..
kak azra pinjam post..heh=p

so kekawan..pls read it from da link..


Sunday, April 18, 2010

surprise for me!

Salam dear blogie..

sorrie 4 not visiting u 4 sum tyme..been bizi wif asements n programs..
anyway..yesterday was lyke siyeshly superb!! kak amal n kak azra made a surprise 4 me!
n da besh part is..kak amal plan for her own surprise wic she dunno bout it=p
i wasnt expect for any surprise as kak amal was really into that rockstar jacket..
was just temaning her to bought that jacket..but then it turns out they plan everything for me..haha! thanx lots guys!
syafiq..azwin..manto..khei..reyhun n sherry was there too..
from dp to mubie to mp to dp to playground to bangunan merah to jonker to pak putra to kak amals house!
fuhh..its really exercise!!

will updates later wif da picca itself!
thanx guys!

lots of lurve from me!

p/s: MMU Awards 2010 is near..xm oso really near! all the besh to me!!