Monday, December 21, 2009


hye dear bloggie..
luse maybe alik..
x pong tulat syerk alik..
so..syerk akn tinggalkn dear bloggie uat sementara waktu yerk..
tcre yerk dear bloggie..
dun worry bout me..
i wil b ok..
lots of stuff need 2b setle tyme sem break..
see ya!


Friday, December 18, 2009


ol da besh kekawan yg xm!
guga gaga exam!
life from mmu mlk..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

jacob! edward! rain!

hee..lme dh x hupdate..jgn mrh yerk..
lately..everything looks norm 2 sum da exact is..everything upside down..
it just v pretend lyke nothing happend..
sad case wut 2 do..dun1 it 2 b more worse.. of my fren,his dad were admitted in da ospital..
xcident dat day..hopefully he wil b oryte..
just rmmbr dat me n my fren wil aways support u no matter wut k..
ryte now..ur family is important..dun think of other probs 1st k..
but still..tcre of ur health n ur stdy..
i cant mention his name..bcuz he ask me too..
so..just a brief one tho..

i bought 6 novels of 'little black dress' publication..
but paid ony for 4 of them..
buy 2 free 1..hehe=p
so..guess its worth my investment on novels..
manage to read ol of them..except 2..
hv 2 stop now..exam is round da corner..
hopefully i manage to upgrade my pointer summore diz sem..insyaAllah..
k then..cont later k..

p/s:- i hv fb d..haha..after soo long..thanx ira..4 calling me from dublin!..terharu gle!..i heard 'mummy' is in mlk yesterday n 2day..dunno is it true was wondering..wut shud i do 2 erase diz sumkind of memorry in my memory chip..adeh assasin was superb! new moon was superb cuz jacob is in it! i dunno wats da point im writing ol diz..but own bloggie wut..haha..chow guys!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

dine in muhibah dinner!

Salam..hye everyone..lme dh x hupdate..
tbe2 cam bz bee cam yb feeq..heheh=p apekan daye ku..huahuahua=)) it goes..muhibah dinner! 18 Nov 09!
upon arrival..picca itu perlu..klik2! heh=p
sedang melantak..huahuahua..xderkla..sdng menjamu selera..hahah!
food??okai la..
per4mance??not bad..
deco??just nice..kne ngn tema..
table number??32! tp x dpt lucky draw ika jerk dpt!cettness..jelesh!

dh nk alik dh..tyme neh..sherry x notice anything lgk..heh=p
tbe2 ade yg saket pewut la..
adeq raihan nth g mner la..
balqish fening pale la..
si norucha lak de probs la..
so..dats it..t cont psl..dotdotdot.."d day"!
d end!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lappie CHARGER!!

hye dear bloggie..v meet again..
huhu..skrunk neh kt fbl lab..
adeh la..nk tau npe??
lappie kt umh xleh bkk..sbb xderk charger..
charger tuh dh kong tros dh..
skrunk bru trse..apsal la x trime jerk lappie bru arie tuh??
looks lyke kne request alik la neh...
hurm..uat mse neh..sabaq jerk la dlue yerk..
18 Nov..Muhibah Dinner
19 Nov..D plan!
26 Nov..New moon!
27 Nov..Rye Hj! alik umh..heh=p
eh k la..diz nyte ader presentation..wish me luck!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

cuma dia!

Salam..hye bloggie..v meet again..hurm..dat day i read a novel titled "adam & hawa"..interesting..n just now..i just done wif "cuma dia".. seems lyke im into malay novel currently..

Every tyme i read novels, i aways feel lyke im da one who faced ol kind of situation in dat least i learn sumthing n use it in my daily useful sumtymes i admit..

As for 2day, i spent tyme wif kak nadia..its kindda ages i din meet her n hv a real conversation..n at da same tyme,met diz one person..

Sumtymes, i dunno who shud i trust more..i just dunno y..ok lets make it short..i noe diz hamba Allah last sem..same class wif me..but then..since i noe diz hamba Allah till ears keep on getting ol da bad news n in4 bout diz hamba Allah..

Da thing is..shud i trust o shud i just ignored..i myself blurr..but 4 da tyme being..diz hamba Allah din do anything bad to as long as dat keep going..i'll just b fine i still..kindda worried..

xperla..just let it be..i mish my "mummy" "granny" "nenek ira"..hope ol of u doing just fine..sayunk korunk!

p/s:- kdng2 kte perlu heppiekn drie dat v wil b heppie..our mind cn determine our feelings!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

my destiny..

What if I never knew
What if I never found you
I'd never had this feeling
In my heart

How did this come to be
I don't know how you found me
But from the moment I saw you
Deep inside my heart
I knew

Baby, you're my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
You were always meant to be
My destiny

I wanted someone like you
Someone that I could hold onto
And give my love
Until the end of time

But forever was just a word
Something I'd only heard about
But now you're always there for me
When you say forever
I'll believe

Baby, you're my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
You were always meant to be
My destiny

Maybe all we need
Is just a little faith.
Cause baby, i believe
That love will find a way.

Oh baby, you're my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
From now till eternity
You were always meant to be
My destiny

tbe2..asek denga laghue neh..first tyme denga tyme skola besties ezatul entered a competition..n diz is her chosen song..very da meaningful..but as for me..izit meaningful?? simpan sendrie sudey la..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

betting game begins!

arie neh results pass sme subject..
pointer pong alhamdulillah..

arie neh xmo ckp bnyk2..
jom2..uat time table stdy..
skrunk neh betting game begins..hee=p
spe dpt plng bnyk A..dye mng..
spe kalah kne uat sumthing..hohoho=D
sy akan uat ape yg sy rse sy nk uat..nobody cn stop me!

dindu same sume org..hurm..
sem neh rse cm kureng xpe..betting!hee=p


Monday, October 26, 2009

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
lmer dh x hupdates yerk..almaklumlah..2 wiks oliday..bloggie pong di-olidaykn skalik..
hikkz=p as usual..kt umh mmg x on9 langsung..
nway..arie neh 26hb oct, 2nd trimester begins...
n fyi..1st day dh kelam kabut..
bkn sbb sbb nthla..x tau nk ckp..
last cek schedule smlm ptg..ok jerk..
suppose ad class pg tdk..8-10am..subject sales..
tp lam class neh sumer muke2 bru jerk..
x knal langsung..tbe2 de chinese guy ckp..
ad clashing venue ngn dak subject len..
haih..kte org cek alik..ghupe2nye..dh tukaq time table..
sme up side down dh..seb bek dat chinese guy gtau..hurm..
x psl2 kne susun schedule alik..adeh..nk uat cner kn..
plus..lecturer sme x hupload notes lgk..felik2..
apsal sem neh sme felik2..fening2..
dh la..sje jerk nk storie2..heh=p

owh2 lupe..dat day bday kekawan sy..
10th oct 09..bday farahin..
24th oct 09..bday abg aizam..
[dh wish kire valid ok..x kire..hee=p]
25th oct 09..bday kak ain..
[sy stuju ngn kak ain..bkn mkn tua mkn matured..huahuahua=p]

k then..stop here dlue yerk..

memorie mse darjah 4..yg ne sy..spe terror?huahua=p

Friday, October 9, 2009


hye exams over..yeah!..alhamdulillah..everythings seems still in dad wil fetch me diz saturday..n dats da happiest thing..bcuz bkn sng woo my dad nk fetch..hehe:P
understand y he cudnt aways..its ok..

ive done wat i really wanna done..oldo i din get da real clear picca...just hope everything wil b fine again..i dunno wat shud i do i guess..i just follow da flow..let it be..guess diz is..'kunfayakun'..ony HE knows wats besh for ol of us kn..

lately..i heard many disaster philipines..samoa..indonesia..thank goodness malaysia was just fine..dat day..der r sum ppl who forwading ol kind of msgs saying sumthing gonna happend..but its totally not true..alhamdulillah..

o..m..g..i just need my own tyme..i just need sumthing 2 distract me..guess i gonna accept 1 of my fren offer 2 do sumthing..oldo i so not into it..but i need it 4 now..bizi beee..hopes dat wil work for me..

k la..wil post out primary fren school picca soon..i mish dem many memorries pop up one by 1 now..tcre to da fullest!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

xm wik!

2hb 10 syerk xm..
smpi la 8hb neh..
skrunk mse ntk fokus xm dlue yerk..
nant lps xm bru setlekn lil thingy..
kak azra..sile kuatkn n tabahkn at anda yerk..
nything let me noe tau..
kak amal..mekaseh..n hope u setle urs too=D
julie...ol da besh interbiew diz sat..
nant leh terbang slalue..aminn..=D
ira..tcre slalue kt dublin..huhu..
'salam perantauan' yerk..huahuahua..
okai dokie..diidaa..

p/s:- ol da besh kt sumer mmurians..syerk bru setat xm neh..spe yg dhnk abesh..shaadaap.huhu..H.L.O.V.A.T.E

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 days to go...

my dear bloggie..diz wil be da last post for diz month i guess..
if i hv any free tyme in btwn dat tyme..promiz to hupdate any news wokey..
anyhow, now im having sum break from stdy IS..aka in4mation system..
sumtymes i do think..wats da relevant wif my kos dat im taking now..huahua=p
xperla..but still..blurr wooo at first.. left 4 days more till 'Hari Raya Aidilfitri'...
Well..tmrw..i'll be goin bec to jhr..
helping my mom to do wateva dat i hv too..
since shes been doing ol da jobs alone b4..
[mne x nyer..adeq2 yg len sumer ade big xms..]
My Angah wif SPMs...n my twin bro wif their UPSR..
UPSR done d ryte..haaaa..dey hv to help me in doing da 'guys job' la..

Hurm..many things happend lately..ol my frens r having sum personal probs..
I hope dey manage to setle it by now..sorrie 4 not helping dat much..
I just do wat i can..others, may Allah bless ol of u ryte..aminn..

okok..enaugh said d..bubbling much d i guess..haha..once a while..
well..may everything goes on smoothly..
may da besh comes insyaAllah..
as said.."da heart has da reason..but da reason is undefined"..

b4 i end ol diz up..
wud lyke to wish every1 "Salam Aidilfitri".."Ampun Maap Zahir&Batin"..
pens off..


Monday, September 14, 2009


kekawan sumer2...
noor nadira noor azman..
aka nenek ira..
dh syelamat smpi DUBLIN..

p/s:- nenek ira..tcre bnyk2 di sner wokey..dindu syamer kamoo..hikkz=p...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

last tuesday..

as ppl aways said..
piccas do talks more den words.. it is..
last tuesday..i went to kl..
just to buke puase with my besties..
it was so much happier indeed..
oldo just buke puase 2geda-geda for just few hours..
bt its precious!!
i mish ol of them much d now..haih..

[kak amal..kak azra..aunt]

hurm..others related story bout diz..
u may click 'kak azra' n 'nenek ira'..

p/s:- thanx 2 da person who brought us here..n ol da besh to ira..shes flying to dublin 13th sept 2009..diz means..dat day is da last day i meet her..OMG..i gonna miss her like org gilak..dun 4get to skype wif me k..keep in tcre over der knk2 skola rendah aways says in their eng essei.."it is a tiring journey but happy indeed"..huahuahua..=p

Monday, September 7, 2009

tagged by 'grandma'

  1. Anda rasa anda hot?
    -hot??panas..owh tidak..syerk rasa sejuk jerk..hee:P

  2. Upload photo kegemaran anda.

  1. Mengapa anda suka photo ini?
    - sebab suke la..haha..dye ade sumthing..haha=p [ektly..ske gamba xleh tunjuk..hee=p]

  2. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
    -lmer gilooss x mkn pizza..x hengat dh ble last..pathetic btol la..haha..

  3. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
    - crush..david archuletha..

  4. Apa yang anda buat selain membuat tag ini?
    - denga laghue..sambil denga org ngaji..

  5. Selain nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil nama apa?
    - aa??pe eh?? cm besh nme len kwn syerk dlue.."KP"..short form ntk kepek pisang..haha..syerk??hurm..korunk la bg suggestion..lau de bg tau eh kt comment..akn dpk-kan..haha..

  6. Tag lagi 6 orang.
    -spe2 yg kebuhsanan..sile uat..

  7. Siapa no. 1 bagi anda?
    - none

  8. Orang ke-3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
    - none

  9. Katakan sesuatu berkenaan no. 5.

  10. No. 4?

  11. Siapa orang no. 2?

  12. Bagi pesanan kat orang no. 6.

p/s:- H.L.O.V.A.T.E.....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

tingtong..sen ching phing..pagel hai..blurry..=p

i'm f
i'm fu
i'm ful
i'm full
i'm full o
i'm full of
i'm full of q
i'm full of qu
i'm full of que
i'm full of ques
i'm full of quest
i'm full of questi
i'm full of questio
i'm full of question
i'm full of question m
i'm full of question ma
i'm full of question mar
i'm full of question mark
i'm full of question marks
i'm full of question marks!


Thursday, September 3, 2009


hohoho..sementara menunggu waktu buke..syerk uat tagged neh..hikkz:P..
jom layan..

nama penuh :
juliana bt jamhuri lee
tarikh lahir : 29 April 1988
tempat lahir : spital Pantai, mlk
tempat anda dibesarkan : mlk-kdh-jhr-mlk

siapakah nama kawan rapat anda sewaktu anda kecil?
  • nur ashikin othman
  • sangeetha

apakah permainan anda mase kecil2 yang anda ingat?
  • batu seremban..[pki batu ad..uat sendrik gune kain n kacang ijau ade..haha]
  • galah panjang
  • lompat getah..[abesh getah tempe kt umh ilg..haha]
  • bola sepak..[sngt bkn gurlish tyme neh..g mner2 mest pki cap]
  • buaye2..[neh syerk ngn kwn2 create sendrik..haha..tyme org hafazan kt skola agama..kter org g men bende neh]
  • ape eh..x ingt nme men dye is..gune pen yg x pki..ngn kulit buah duku or langsat..hikkz=p spe tau..tau la..
  • bnyk lgk la..x hengat dh..
kalau anda bergaduh dengan kawan anda, apakah yang akan anda katakan pada mereka?
  • lau tyme kechik2..ko la yg mulakn dlue..spe swuh..hish..dh la..xnk men dh..haha..sngt childish..
  • lau skrunk..npe neh?pe slh syerk?xmo la gado2 neh.x besh..eh3..lau syerk silap..sorrie k..heee=p
di kawasan mane selalu menjadi tempat anda bermain?
  • kt padang kpng..
  • kt dpn umh..
  • kt bwh umh..[tyme kt kdh..umah atas..haa.cne eh..spe phm..phm la..huhu]
  • kt skola..
apakah cita-cita anda semasa kecil?
  • doktor
  • akauntan
  • guru

apakah kartun atau rancangan tv yang anda gemari dan masih ingat hingga kini?
  • tom n jerry
  • pink panther
  • garfield
  • mr bean..[yg neh sile gelak.haha..dlue majuk2 smpi sebab x dpt tgk..last2..ayah blikn video..dlue xderk cd lgk..haha..skrunk dh x minat plak..]
  • sumer cter cina..yg ala2 dlue2 pnyer..yg dlue slalue ade kul 6ptg..

makanan ringan apekah yang anda borong di kedai?
  • herro..yg coklat
  • sotong.ape eh nme dye..panjang2.plastik wane biru..oren..putih..huhu..
  • kopok durian
  • asam yg panjang2..mcm maggie..wane merah..

nyatakan salah seorang kawan anda mase kecil yang anda teringin sangat nak jumpe sekarang?
  • nur ashikin othman

apakah gelaran anda mase kecik?
  • jujue..smpi skrunk..

nyatakan seberapa banyak rakan bloggers anda yang ingin tau zaman kanak-kanaknya...
  • ana
  • ezatul
  • aida guzel
  • spe2 yg nk uat..=D

hye dear bloggie.
hope u r fine 4 norm as i am..
nothing speacial..

not aways wat v plan cums true huh?
n dats wat hapend 2 me..
rmmbr da 'xcitement'..
probably i din manage to go..
but i'll try my besh...
need 2 consider sum more important thinggy..
just hope dat..if i suddenly cant make it..
hope da ppl involve wil understood diz..hopefully..

da list..
# debate -10 Sept 09
# Quiz 2 math - 11 Sept 09
# last presentation - 12 Sept 09
# Final xms - 2 Oct till 8 Oct 09

till then..pens off..

p/s:- dat day..i wanted to mention da word takbir rye.since now is fasting month ryte..but i dunno y my mind n mouth din get mind think of 'takbir' but i end up saying the word 'talkin'..hurm..i wonder..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

yeay..another excitement=D

salam..hye dear bloggie..hee=p
diz 11..
is my last midterm xm for diz sem..
ho yeah..!!
but der is still 1 asement left..
aza2 fighting!

well..dats not da real xcitement..
da real is.
im gonna meet my 'grandma'..'mummy'..'grandpa'..
n opkos..da one n only..
'nenek ira'..
lmer wooo x jpe ngn depa..
wen its ady hapend..i'll post out sum piccas..
bcuz we mayb gonna break our fast at sum1 speacial restaurant..=D
till den..pens off..^__^

p/s:- smlm borak ngn one of my besties..ana..hope u fine d now..mish ya..rmmbr our kata2 hikmat during in TIGS??haha..'lurve u very strong!!'..i mish eza..jojo..n jaja..wen r v gonna day fine day..=D..nyway..lmer x denga khabar fhbms..hope u r just fine..aminn..diidaa=D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

26 days more..weee...

arie neh..arie ke-4 pose..
lgk 26 days more..nk ghaye..hikkz:P
hahaha..itu yg syerk pk..
ble kater nk ghayer..
ketakutan pong de skalik..
sbb..after 1 wik
adeh la..xleh sonok sngt la ghaye diz tyme..
sile stdy drik skrunk ok..

p/s:- kekawan sumer..pose jgn sekadar pose yerk..amal ibadahnyer disertakan sekalik..
huhu..smoge diberkati Allah slalue..[tdk mkn lauk udang msk lomak chili api..ikan sambal..ayam balck paper..sumer msk sendrik..tetibe..haha..sile abaikan..]

Saturday, August 15, 2009

complete da sentences..=D

This is the rule: If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many persons as you like. You will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. Then please copy and paste this rule somewhere in your entry.

1. Friendship is always laugh n cry tru da up n downs of life..
2. My way of saying I care is by asking how is she or him n aways pray to Allah so that everything is fine with them..
3. To love someone is to just b urself n he or she cn b who they r too=D
4. To love is like a fill our lifes with ol kind of colours tru out ol day..
5. Money makes me works hard to repay my fam n the one i lurve but i noe..dat is not enaugh..
6. I miss ... my 'grandma' 'mummy'..'nenek ira'..'my besties..izatul..ana..jojo..jaja..' and fhbms..=D
7. Beauty is combination of inner n outer of a person..
8. I try to spread love and happiness by making everybody feel happier and 4get their probs..[ol probs cn b setle ryte..u just need 2 find da solutions..]
9. If smiles were ... the madicine to ol kind of sadness in diz world then I will ... smile at ol ppl so dat dey wil aways b heppie=D..[tp jgn lelebey..kang masok rumah bahagia lak..hee=p]
10. Wouldn't it be nice if we could ... noe wat gonna happend dat we cn prepare 4 everything possible..
11. Money is not everything but ... we still need it in our life now..[spe ckp duet x penting..tiipoo..yg penting kter tau yg kter gne duet tuh ntk kebaikkan..let say kter saket..nk jpe doc..xderk duet..cne?? sendrik..]
12. The most touching moment I have experienced is ... wen i met the downsyndrom kids n being with da 'makna' ppl..[bt everything concerns my fam..i wil feel touch..omg..its speechless..]
13. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was ... i am stil childish..ony think bout myself..but i started to change since end of my form 2..ol bcuz of my mom..i lurve her much=D
14. If I can change one thing, I will change ... myself to suffer my mom n dad burden..[cpt la abesh blaja..xmo papa kjer dh..nk swuh papa dok umh..spend tyme ngn mama..ngn adeq2..]
15. When I was twenty one, I remember ... kak azra n khei n my ousemates supprize me on my berpday at umbai..[korunk nyorokkan my rings yg my dad n mom bgk..cettness..cuak gle dat tyme..thanx uols=D]
16. I am most happy when ... ol da person dat i lurve is heppie=D
17. Nothing makes me happier than ... wen i found sumthing precious wic i wil treasure it 4eva..[thanx 2 sum1 who introduce me to diz 1 grup]
18. I smile when ... weneva i feel too..huhu:P
19. When I am happy,..thanx to Allah..n i bet my lurve ones wud b heppie wen im heppie=D [de ke org yg ske tgk org len sdey..hish3..]
20. Doing this meme, I feel like ... i shud b a better person n treasure every second with the 1 lurves n appreaciates ol dat hapends in my life cuz it makes me bcum even more stronger=D

Tagging: aida guzel and feeq..
[feeq..alik drik indonesia wat tau..wajibul ghunnah..mau ole2..hee=p]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

da list..phieww..

Salam..hye uols..
hopes every1 is in a gud condition..
since da H1N1 probs still on d air..hurm..
lucky not 1 of them..
da rest of u out der..
plz tcre of matter wer u r..
its better 2 prevent rather then 2 cure ryte..

ok..nuff on dat.. week is my kindda bizi week..
nope2..i must is my bizi week..
y so?lets see my list..

  • 17th August 09 [BIS presentation]
  • 19th August 09 [BMM midterm]
  • 20th August 09 [BIS midterm]
  • 21st August 09 [HR presentation]
So,as i said..true is my bizi week..
ony tuesday wic i din hv any midterms or presentations..
but still..i need 2 utilize dat 1 day very well..
luckly i ady start stdy early..
[x sia2 mama swuh stdy kt umh tyme midterm break dat day..hee=p]

Nway, Ramadhan is sooo near..
22th August 09..
Wish awl aci x..Slamat beramal kekawan..hee=p

kayla..need 2 cont stdy a lil..diidaa=D

p/s:- 2mrw wic is thursday aka 13th org tuh hv presentations+2 midterms in 1 day..i noe its taugh..but i oso noe..u cn go tru it well..wish u ol da besh..den friday dh leh rest da yerk..huhu=p may Allah bless ol others aways=D aminn..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

congrats frenz!!

well..i'll started wif congratulations 2 oll yg grads!!
kak azra aka my grandma..khei aka my grandpa..ira aka nenek..ol da dip students..
abg aizam..yg syerk anggap dh mcm abg syerk sendrik..
x silap syerk..kak zaidah skalik..
kakak yg slalue tlg syerk drik alpha lgk..mekaseh..
n sumer yg convo pd 8,9 n 10 august 2009...
congrats again!!!
mest besh gilak dh grad..wateva it is..
ol da besh 4 ol of ur future undertakings=D
nway,sorrie yg amat..
x dpt dtg cyber..
oldo i noe..i dissapoint sum of u..
bt truely..deeply..sorrie..
keadaan x mengizinkn..
but i'll repay it bec k..promiz=p
sayunk kamoo sume...

ok..nw..v talk sumthing bout me..currently..sumthing had happend in my life..i hope it will cont smoothly w/o probs..oldo i noe..its a lie if der is no probs in our life kn..but i hv prepared 4 ol dat..sumer tuh ujian akn laluinye sebaek yg mungkin..mudah-mudahan..aminn..=)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

more tyme=D

hye uols..wats up 2day?hopes everythings fine n goes on as plan..
as 4 not feeling dat gud..
dun understand y till stil not feeling well..
xperla..kurang dosa cketz..
[org ckp..lau saket..kurang dose..tol ke..hurm..]

nyway, last nyte..29 July 2009..
my task as 'the evens or programs person' cums 2 the end..
since i decided 2 stop everything related 2 clubs n programs..
mayb its about tyme 4 me..
to concentrate ony on studies..
n hv more tyme 4 myself..
plus..diz tyme i really mean it 2 my family..
ony stdy..hurm..
we'll see how it wil go.. first..yesh..i do feel sumthing empty..
but dats mayb 4 da starting..
afta shud b ok perhaps..

midterm break is really around da corner..
its on diz saturday..1st August..
still thingking wat 2 do during dat tyme..
mayb da usual routine..

n convocation tyme is near..
'grandma'..'grandpa'..'nenek ira'..'abg aizam'..'abg hamdan'..
r sum of them..
dat i must congratulate too..must..
but..i not sure yet weather i might cum onot..
hopefully i manage 2 cum..n share their happiness..
well..sum of them ady request me flowers n presents..haha..=D
we'll c how..

k den..stop here 1st..=D

p/s:- i dunno y..every tyme im not feeling well..i notice dat i am emotionaly unstable..haha..
i can just suddenly cry..n heppie at once..ape punyer org daa..n i realize dat im like diz since im kid..almk..cne lau dh tyme kjer sumer nant..haizz..=p

Monday, July 27, 2009

I want diz lots!!

its raining heavily now..i supposed 2 go tutorial clas 1 till 2..
but i dcided not 2 go..
i'll join another grup tutorial..
since im not dat well too..the weather really makes me sick..haizz..

anyway..i really want diz book..'The Time Traveler's Wife'..
i read da synopsis d..n it makes mo more eager to get diz book..hee:P

here was the synopsis..

"The Time Traveler's Wife is the story of Clare, a beautiful art student, and Henry, an adventuresome librarian, who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-three and Henry was thirty-one. Impossible but true, because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono-Displacement Disorder: periodically his genetic clock resets and he finds himself misplaced in time, pulled to moments of emotional gravity from his life, past and future. His disappearances are spontaneous, his experiences unpredictable, alternately harrowing and amusing." "The Time Traveler's Wife depicts the effects of time travel on Henry and Clare's marriage and their passionate love for each other, as the story unfolds from both points of view. Clare and Henry attempt to live normal lives, pursuing familiar goals - steady jobs, good friends, children of their own. All of this is threatened by something they can neither prevent nor control, making their story intensely moving and entirely unforgettable."--BOOK JACKET.

anyway..i supposed 2 post bout da 3 generation ryte..
but since my tyme is limited..
uols leh bcer kt dear sis azra nyer bloggie dlue wokey..hee:P

p/s:- i just noe dat my midterms is tmrw..silap tarikh daa..seb bek pasan..stdy2..wish me luck:D


edited a lil bit..huhu..=D [da part who i gonna givs da award to..]
well..i get an award..hee=p...
this award comes from dear sis azra..lurve ya..xoxo..

Nyatakan 5 Fakta Menarik Tentang Si Pemberi Award Ini

* she lurves baking...sumer cuppies n any kinds of cakes yg dye wat..dap2..dat day bru jerk dpt bluberry cheese cake from her=D
* can hold snakes but hate lizards..haha..she aways says "just imagine u r holding the table plastic"..nope..xbley imagine gakz..haha..
* aways lurve 2 drive ble tension yg i believe in her..she wont do anything bad..hee=p
* lurves chocs n teddies lots...she once says dat..1 of her dream is to full her bed with teddies..hee:P
* lurves eng novels lots..n i think da reason i lurve eng novels now is bcuz of her..n i din regret it..bcuz i lurve it..=D

Setiap Blogger Mestilah Menyatakan 10 5 Fakta Atau Hobi Diri Sendiri

* syerk suke pink..most of my stuff is in pink bottle pencil towels..mostly sumer pink la..hee=p
* lurve reading novels..currently ngah stop dlue..sbb lots of midterm..
* lurve corn in cup wic i aways slh sebut..haha..spe tau shaadaapp..hee=p
* i hv another 'family in mmu'..hehe=p my mummy..wic is kak grandma..wic is kak grandpa..wic is aunt..wic is julie...hohoho..i lurve them..[mummy..i want my daddy..wheres he??hahaha=D jgn ur daughter potong line nant..hee=p]
currently, syerk suke minum bandung cincau laici..hee=p..dap2..

Anda Perlu Memilih Penerima Award Seterusnya Dan Describe Tentang Mereka

* aida guzel..shes gojes..lurvely..sweet..i mish her lots too..=D
* nenek ira..she request 4 it..haha..n bcuz shes my 1st fren in MMU..orientation tyme..hee=p
grup yellow 12 ke 13..lpe sudey..hee=p

p/s:- tbe2 syerk windu smer sumer org..n tbe2 rse nk mkn satay kerang..dap2 nyer..nyum2..=D
rbu xms..x abesh stdy lgk..haizz.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

D'Pelican [2] =D..

Salam uols..since raihan ady transfer da foto.. was ol da piccas..
of D Pelican..

[upon arrival..hee=p]

[heppie faces..nyum2=D]

[d i d older..abaikan..lalala=p]

[introducing da new artist-raimy n norcha..]

[bfore we went bec..hohoho=D]

the food was nice..not expensive..nice view..wat else do u want 2 ask 4..hehe..jom d pelican any1..hehe=p...

p/s:- everybody who noes Yasmin Ahmad..sedekah al-fatihah wat rohnyer yerk..beliau dh kembali ke rahmatullah yesterday..

wil update bout the reunion of 3 generations..syerk x sehat..bangi jerebu..haizz..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


wat was dat??
i bet sum of u ady noes bout it..hee=p
since..i dunno wat 2 post on..
i'll post bout diz soon..
waited 4 raihan 2 upload da piccas..
i din bring my pon cable..sigh..
so..wait n see..

p/s:- nway..4 asia tour dat sum of u ady noe..MAS scored 2 goal..dat was gud..but on last monday..their 2nd frenzship match..dey din managed 2 perform well..xperla..[dh pancit kotz..heee=p]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

m3r4h @ kUninG??

pekhabaq??ni hao??vanekam??kabare??hee=p
2day 18hb yg besh??
tdk midterm HR..hee..alhamdulillah..leh jwb ngn jayanye=D

nyway,2day..ManU vs PBSM..
[btol ka short pom persatuan bola sepak malaysia=PBSM..haha..layan..=p] live x eh..nk gak tgk..
kak azra n her family g tgk ok..jelesh2..
smlm tyme training pong depa g gakz..leh tahan depa neh kn.hohoho..
tp..yg sian..org2 Indonesia la..
ManU cancel p sner..gare2 kes bom kt otel tuh..
sper la yg wat tuh..x psl2 org yg x berdose meninggal ngn de yg badly injured.. la nk jdk..x abesh2..=(

[piccas of ManU vs Mas..amek kt google..hee=p]

[neh yg syerk minat tyme skola dlue..hee=p]
jgn tnyer nper..syerk pong x tau..
pk alik..pebende la yg besh nyer mamat neh..biase jerk..
neh sumer gare2 bcer majalah 'dewan siswa' psl dier..
tyme tuh..dok cter sal dier training kt obersea sumer..haizz..
skrunk x minat dh..
sbb dier gak la..syerk mnt slangor..hohoho
..[yg mnt slangor neh kekal..haha]

skrunk dier dh x ngn slangor kn..lau x slh syerk la..
ektly yg mnt bola gle2 neh..adeq kembaq syerk..
depa minat chelsea..huuu=p
k la..sjak ble jujue cter sal bola neh..huahuahua..dh2..
cont later..

p/s:- arie neh de org tuh tournament futsal kt OU..wish u ol da besh yerk=D..mng t banjer syerk..hee=p
looks like i manage 2 go bangi jerk..insyaAllah..since my parents cm xderk objection kn..hohoho=D
here i cum mummy n granny;D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

'da weds plan' tagged by nenek ira..hee=p

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with the wedding plan!=) At the end, choose the people you want to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know about you! =)

1. How old are you?
# 21

2. Are you single?
# yerk kotz..hee=p

3. At what age do you think you'll get married?
# nth ek..earliest 26 kot..

4. Do you think you'll marrying the person you are with now?
# im wif who eh now??pk jap..hee=p..

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
# Edward cullen aka Robert Pattison aci x??aci3..hee=p

6. Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
# my besties opkos..=D

7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
# Garden n traditional kotz..[adat melayu xmo la dlpekn kn..huhu]

8. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
# Mekah..ngn Venice..ngn Korea..hee=p

9. How many guests do you think you'll invite?
# wahh..itot at nk jemput sme org..yg knal drik kechik smpi besaq..hohoho..
[weh..jujue dh kawen..haha..sengalness..]

10. Will that include your exes?
# Aperkah itu exes??hee=p...x slh pong nk ajk..mkn free neh..

11. How many layers of cake do you want?
# hurm..x terpk lgk..8 bley??haha..xderk la..x smpi lak kang..hee=p..ikut kemampuan la..
[pergh..ayat xbley bla..]

12. When do you want to get married, morning or evening?
# Night la..sejuk jerk..x panas..sian tetamu t..lgk pong..sme leh dtg..dh pas working hour kn..=D

13. Name the song/tune you'd like to play at your wedding.
# Aper eh..sempurna..aku pelangi..endless nasyid..haha..layan..

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon&fork?knife?
# 4 sure..yg x nyusahkn org..i want ppl 2 b heppie on dat day=D

15. Champagne or red wine?
# both xmo..nk watpe..but..slh stu..nk serve chinese tea la..hehe=p

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
# pergh..cptnyer..haha..lek dlue=p

17. Money or household items?
# Both..

18. How many kids would you like to have?
# hurm..5 kotz..haha..ble dh tue nant..meriah jerk umh..hee=p

19. Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?
# Nope..nk watpe..hish2..simpan lam memory chip sudey..lgk bermakne..=D

19.1. Baju kahwin kaler?
# green..purple..mner eh??haha..lom decide lgk..

19.2. Kad kahwin?
# Nk yg ble org tuh ckp..'simple but lurvely'..=D

19.3 Wedding gift?
# aper eh..nant la pk..lmbt lgk..haha..

19.4 Kameraman?
# mntk tlg mmbr jerk la..hee=p

20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know next.
# my besties..

* kak granny[ira dh tagged dier dh]
* aida guzel..te
* ezatul
* kak ain..
* kak mummy..[tp dier xderk bloggie]
* sespe yg nk wat..hee=P

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

guys pn smer jerk..hee=p

Salam..hye dear bloggie..sehat x..
sehat kn..baguih2..
me??alhamdulillah la..just kdng2..migrain sudey dtg alik daa..
rsenyer maybe sal power spek dh nek kotz..
owh tidak..tambah power lgk..haizz.. bcer intrend sat..hee:P
bkn membuang mse k..bcer dat kind of mag..
de gak input nyer...yg bek amek la kn..ryte..btol3..
lam intrend stu part yg dizkus bout guys n gals..

dat surveys says dat..guys slalue ckp..
gals ske bazir duet..
sebab asek shopping jerk..
hakikatnyer..mmg btol ade gals yg cmtuh..
tp xderk la smpi beribu2 lemon kn..hee=p
[im not include in diz ok..syerk x ghajin shopping..temankn jerk slalue la..hee=p]

but..ektly..mengikut servey tuh..
guys pong smer jerk..ngahaha=>[gelak2 evil sat...hikkz=p]
da prove is..
guys sanggup melabur duet beribu2 lemon..
just ntk 'make up' or tukaq mcm2 kt keta depa..
yerk la kn..smpi de yg ckp..tuh 'wife' nbr 1 depa..
wife kt umh tuh..drop nbr punyer org daa.. conclussion..guys smer jerk..
ske bebel..mrh2 gals ske shopping..bazir duet..
tp guys pong smer..
kdng2 lgk dasat belanjer nyer..
so..pasneh..xbley mrh dh..haha..
sebab both r equal=D


p/s:- diz saturday de midterm HR..lgk stu chapter kne abeshkn..gogogo..n sorrie yerk yeli..n kekawan len yg ajk g futsal 2nyte..x dpt nk itot la..mau setadi..tyming x kne lakz..sorrie..t kter g eh..bowling skalik pong xper..layan..hee=D
sorrie yerk..lately..xderk gegambo..lappie syerk dh empty..xderk music..xderk mubi..xderk gambo..T_T...sabaq jerk la..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


arie tuh..bersamaan ngan 12hb Julai..dh 4 years..
lau syerk x silap..arwah atok syerk dh kembali ke rahmatullah..
hurm..dindu samer atok..
kter org cousie2 sumer panggil atok.."tok burn"..hee:P
sebab nmer atok..Abu Bakar..
atok dlue polis..
mama ckp..atok ble ngn cucu dier jerk hee:P
nway, syerk x pnh jmper nenek syerk...
mama de tunjuk gamba..
mama slalue ckp.."nenek lawa kn.." sayunk..x sempat nk manje2 ngn nenek..
xperla..Allah lgk sayunk ngn nenek samer atok..
smoger roh atok..nenek..abg ayah..paksu..ngn wak mar..
dicucuri rahmat..dan ditempatkn di dlm golongan yg beriman..
nway..tanpa arwah wak mar..syerk yg skrunk neh..
xkn reti ngaji Al-Quran ngn tajuid yg btol..
lahjah yg btol..hurm..
mekaseh amat..=D
sebab arwah wak mar la..syerk pnh dpt anugerah lam pertandingan dlue..
sumer adeq bradeq syerk..wak mar yg ajaq..
kter org sumer qatam ngn dier..
ader hikmah..kter org pndh dri kdh ke jhr..
kt jhr..blaja ngn wak mar..huhu:p
al-fatihah disedekahkn pd sumer..
x kire yg masih hidup atau yg dh xderk..

p/s:- tdk tbe2 tyme tuto..lecturer wat quiz mngejut..5 marks campoq lam final..halamak ai..nseb bek ghajn wat tuto b4 diz..dpt jwb..hee:P...alhamdulillah..

Friday, July 10, 2009

me?who am i?

salam..hye dear bloggie..
lon tyme i din get da chance to vizit u often..
but not wik starts..
u wil not be lonely nymore..hee:P

anyway..was wondering..wat kind of person am i??
any komen??was wondering wat do u ol out der think of me??
am i da bad gurl..or am i da irritating gurl??
or izit i am da blurry gurl..
wud lurve to noe it..
perhaps i might b a better person after diz..

i mish every1..n i mish everything..
i mish da old tymes..
i mish her..n i mish him..
i mish my besties..
i mish everything..
i lurve them..
how tyme goes to fast..

p/s;- was praying hard..wish i wud go to bangi on 25th..wait 4 me grandma n mummy=D

Friday, June 19, 2009

lappie masuk icu..hwaaa...

Salam..hye dear bloggie..lmer dh x jenguk kamoo..
sorrie yerk..neh sme gare2 lappie syerk masuk icu..hwaaaT_T..
ble la dier nk bek..tunggu kol mama jerk neh..
mama ckp ok jerk..tros alik umah..mau jemput lappie kuar spital..
hmm..neway..syerk windu smer 'grandma' aka kak azra ngn 'mummy' aka kak amal..
nek2 sem jerk..rse empty..rse felik..sumthing yg x enaugh..hurm..
nk wat cmner..xperla..
sem neh..dh regester 5 subjects..pttnyer 6..ngah pk2 neh..nk amek ker x lgk stu subjects..
ader mse one week jerk lgk..limit kt drik sendrik ntk pk..
hohoho..hopefully nant i made da ryte choice..
neway lgk..congrats kt kekawan sumer yg dh abesh blaja..grad bulan 8 neh..
nant jujue dtg yerk ira..kak azra..khei..fad..insyaAllah tyme convo tuh..
k la..nenant kter berjumper lgk yerk..
mau bcer case..pergh..sem neh ader case..haha..menarik neh..
doakan yg terbek ntk syerk yerk:D..mekaseh..

Friday, May 29, 2009

my 'mummy' aka kak amal berpday=D

Salam..hye dear bloggie..v meet promiz..wil aways visit u wif new stories i am..
well..we starts wif one word first wic is alhamdulillah..y3?..bcuz xms dh abesh..haha..akhirnyer..6 subjects done..hope i'll get gud results..doakn syerk yerk..mekaseh=D

Now, i suppose to celeb8 my 'mummy' aka kak amal berpday yesterday..its a lil bit early..since shes going bec 2mrw..[yerk dh start prktkl diz mon..ol da besh=D]..But bcuz of sum personal reasons..i cudnt make it.. place was replace by akmal..[nmer nk dkt2 smer dh..haha:P]..others were..kak ain..erin..nadia..syafeeq n faizol..

Well..bcuz of repay it by hang out wif my 'mummy' wif my grandma..kak sumwer 2day..lets see wat happend next..go tru ol da pic to noe da story..hehe:P[bek punyer..sorrie mummy..]

[v went 2 seoul garden..hikkz:p]

[da 3 generation..grandma..mummy n me..da grandchild..hehe=D]

[me n grandma made a hand made 'story books' mummy cry on da spot ok..we lurve u mummy..hehe=D]

[nk cover muke nanges ker??xderk mknenyer..hikkz:p..]

[see2..even nk mkn..n bcer2 da story books pong..mummy sempat msg org lgk..very da bizi..)

[neh plak..tuhler..bizi amat..every1 dh ciap mummy still eating..da last cream..huhu:p]

[n v end up wif monster vs alien..]
anyway..i lyke BOB and INSECTOSAURUS..hehe..both of them r so cute in diz mubie..nothing 2 do..go n watch it if u hv tyme..just 2 relax n enjoy..after u spend most of da tyme stdying..hikkz:p..
okai mummy..HEPPIE BCUMING BERPDAY..31ST MEI 2009..

p/s:- my seniour whom gonna grad d..insyaAllah..tinggalkn amanat kt syerk..wic 4 me..agak berat ektly..wic is.."bacerlah Al-Quran setiap arie klo bley dgn faham mknenyer skalik..jdk srikandi wanita..''n my seniour did mention diz..''syerk nk jujue berjyer dunia n akhirat..syerk sayunk jujue sebagai adeq syerk''..
Well,i'll try to full fit it..da besh dat i cud..insyaAllah..ol da besh to u=D..mkn nasik minyak nant jgn lpe jemput syerk..hikkz:p


Salam..hye dear bloggie..
pttnyer nk hupdate smlm..28th Mei 2009..
tp mase x mengizinkn..
nk wat announcement sat..=D


May Allah bless both of u always..
Along sayunk sngt2 kt korunk..
May u score a gud results in ur UPSR yerk..aminn..
Wish u have a good health always=D
Dun play2 oryte..b a lil more serious..
Remember 24434 always=D

Nant alg blikn adeq adiah eh..huhu=D

Muhammad Jazlee & Muhammad Jazmie

28th Mei 1997..Batu Pahat Hospital,Johore..

[adeq koko n titi..their nick name in chinese]

-ur sista-

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Salam..hye dear bloggie..huhu..sempat lgk syerk jenguk kamoo yerk..
tdk xms.bley tahan la..x ssh sngt n x sng sngt...
bt klo btol2 gegilerr bcer..pergh..mmg insyaAllah score la..
agk2 syerk score x??hikkz:P..aminn..[3 more papers to go..caiyok2]
ektly..singgah sat jerk neh..
neh hah..jumpe gegambo2 neh..menarik glerr..
nk tgk mcm2 lgk..sile la ke link yg de kt gambo tuh yerk..
mcm2 ada..hikkz:P
here r sum of u go..

[amacam??ade branz?? neh..ngan ulaq2 yg konpem xder bise dh..
slalue spa urut2 jerk kn..neh urut guner ulaq..amek ko..mmg seumoq idop xmo..hish2]

[neh plak..lappie 4 x brape menarik sebab bkn pink..hikkz:p..
nmer dier..HP perfume..]

[haaa..neh la yg syerk mau amat2..mau2..HP make-up lappie..syomel amat2..hikkz:P..
very da gurlish..kekawan..anda ngaku syerk neh kawan anda x..klo syerk gne lappie neh..hikkz:P]
(x ngaku ciap la..smpi at..cett..)

Hmmm..dh2..mau sambung dh kater singgah sat jerk..hikkz:P
kang melarat..lgk stu hal kang..hish2..
huhu..ader org panggil syerk kn..
" bergerak"..ade ke patut??mne de la..
syerk jujue..its jujue..xderk nmer2 len dh..haa..hengat yerk..
tata dear bloggie..

Monday, May 25, 2009

kelebihan surah2..

Salam..dear bloggie..sorrie 4 neglected u 4 a moment..wil always visit u again afta my finals fin okai..:D..hikkz:P
N3w4y, i'll be mishing ol my dearest beshties..bcuz most of dem xderk next sem..T_T..xperla..nk wat cmner..go pong for gud mrh2..kne eppie2..
kak amal n kak ain..prktkl..kak azra plak..grad..insyaAllah aminn..ira plak..dh la lmer x jmpe..tau2 dat day..dier mau fly...i believe i cn fly too..tp2..hmm..xperla..
ira..jgn lper syerk k..ol da besh to u..2 yrs kn kt sner..xmo lelamer okai..klo x..tgk la t..kezutan jujue bg nant.. adeq2 ol havin their big xms diz yr..angah-SPM...adeq kembaq plak-UPSR..
ol da besh to uols..wil aways pray 4 u guys..make mama n papa proud okai..:D..i bet u wil..insyaAllah..pernh x terpkiaq..cmner la kter 5 yrs ahead nant kn??hish2..anything bley jdk..pe2 pong..may da besh things cums n appears..aminn..

kk..dh..bec on trek..kter msk alil sal kelebihan surah2 neh yerk..hehe..dh terbabas sat tdk..cketz jerk..x bnyk u go..

1) BISMILLAH (Dengan Nama Allah)
Barang siapa membaca sebanyak 21 kali ketika hendak tidur, nescaya terpelihara dari godaan dan gangguan syaitan, dari bencana manusia dan jin, daripada kecurian dan kebakaran, dan daripada kematian terkejut. Dan barang siapa membaca sebanyak 50 kali diahadapan orang yang zalim, hinalah dan masuk ketakutan dalam hati si zalim serta naiklah keberanian dan kehebatan kepada pembaca

(2) SURAH AL-FATIHAH (Pembukaan)
Barangsiapa membacanya sebanyak 41 kali diantara sembahyang sunatnya, nescaya permintaannya di perkenankan, jika sakit lekas sembuh dan nescaya dikasihi oleh makhluk dan ditakuti oleh musuh. Barang siapa membaca 20 kali sesudah tiap-tiap sembahyang fardhu, nescaya rezkinya dilapangkan oleh Tuhan dan bertambah baik keadaannya, serta bercahaya rohaninya

(3) AYAT AL-KURSI (Kekuasaan Allah)
Barangsiapa membacanya sekali selepas setiap sembahyang fardhu, nescaya terpelihara dari tipudaya dan ganguan syaitan. Dengan membacanya, seorang yang miskin akan menjadi kaya, dan jika dibaca ketika hendak tidur nescaya akan terselamat dari kecurian, kebakaran dan kekaraman. Barangsiapa sentiasa membaca ayat Al-Kursi, nescaya Allah akan kurniakan kepada ahli rumahnya kebaikkan yang tidak terhitung banyaknya. Barangsiapa berwudhuk lalu membaca sekali, nescaya Allah Akan meninggikan darjatnya setinggi 40 darjat dan Allah akan mendatangkan para malaikat menurut bilangan hurufnya, seraya berdoa untuk sipembaca sehinggalah ke hari Qiamat. Dan tersebut dalam hadith yang lain Barangsiapa membacanya ketika hendak tidur, nescaya Allah akan membuka pintu rahmat baginya hingga kesubuh, dan mengurniakan nur menurut bilangan rambut dibadannya.

Jika si pembacanya meninggal dunia pada malam itu, ia dikira mati syahid. Hadith yang lain mengatakan: Barangsiapa membacanya selepas setiap sembahyang fardhu, nescaya akan terpelihara dari kekerasan malakul-maut, dan Allah sendiri yang mencabut rohnya, dan dia akan dibangkitkan bersama para Mujahid yang berjihad beserta para Anbiya hingga ia gugur mati Syahid. Imam Jaafar Shadiq r.a. mengatakan: Barangsiapa membaca sekali, nescaya Allah akan menghindar darinya 1,000 kesukaran duniawi, yang terkecil sekali ialah miskinan dan kepapaan, dan 1,000 kesukaran ukhrawi, yang terkecil sekali ialah azab neraka.

Nk tau lbey lgk psl kelebihan surah2 neh..bley la click
link neh yerk..hikkz:p
amalkanlah yerk..x dpt sumer..slh stu pong bley..lmer2 amalkan yg len plak..hehe:P
cketz2..lmer2 jdk bukitz..hikkz:P

p/s:- Alhamdulillah sngt2..sebab ingt x post syerk b4 diz..'one afta another' bcums okai d...hmm..bley fokus stdy dh..suke2..since last 3 bcums better..hopes dat it con't betta like diz..aminn..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

mix after another..

Salam..dear bloggie..sorrie for keep on promiz but din not keep it..
promiz to upload da photos but really cant do it..
many things happened lately..complicated..
been sleeping late..i mean veeerrrryyyy late everyday..
owh2..before dat..heppie teachers day to ol teachers n lectures..
plus heppie berpday to my fren since skola mngah..nana..n to yana y kuat melatah..
just like nocha..nmer pong besh fren..
may ALLAH bless ol of u n to me too opkos..
16th Mei 2009:D
okai..bec on trek..
everything was fine at da beginning..nothing much..just here n der..lil2 thingy ony..
suddenly get one msg.."klo !?**^?!!# berdosa x??"
i was like..wat??sudah..another one lil thing appears..
try to help where i cn..n wer thinking everything wil b fine..
next day..get another msg..wic it said "*#?!^ nk alik"...
again i was wondering..wat really happend?felik2..
after get to noe everything...imediately i force *#?!^ to alik mlk..
n yesh..everything was fine again..
suddenly, another things happened..on dat nyte..
hmm..till i felt..tired to tel again da whole story..
ony certern ppl noes bout it..
everyday wen da nytes appears..ol of us felt tired d..
its okai la..wat r frens r for ryte..
mayb now its #*^!? tyme..mayb one day its my tyme..
just hope everything wil b fine..
n hopefully #*!?^ wil get da will power 2 go tru ol diz..
u r not alone..aways remember...oldo u may feel lonely..
aways remember dat u r not lonely..bcuz..
ALLAH is aways wif u..
finals is sooooooooo near..
hopefully everythings fine..since finals is so near..
hopefully everybody wil score a great marks..
permudahkanlah sme perjalanan idop ku dan kawan2 ku ini YA ALLAH..
lancarkanlah sgle2nyer..
P/s:- my exams schedule..
# wed-20th Mei 2009- malaysian econs
# thurs-21st Mei 2009-
# tues-26th Mei 2009- retail
# wed- 27th Mei 2009- f.biznes
# thurs- 28th Mei 2009- global
# fri- 29th Mei 2009- theater