Friday, March 12, 2010

invisible! psycho! another weirdo!

hye again bloggie^_^

todays topic is invisible..heheh=p
just wanna share sumthing here..

der is a person who keep on messaging me..
n da most weird is..this person knows much thingy bout me..

>my name
>my sista who just receive her results..wish ol da besh n congrats..

n da besh part is..i dunno who is this person..
none..omg! its "gerammness"..can i use diz word??
[plz say yesh]

n currently..i din reply any of da msg d..
unless..i get ol da xplanation 1st..
den i consider it..

dhla..wanna sleep d..i noe..its early..sounds lyke not me..
but need 2 wake up really early 2mrw..
need 2 go sumwer..
c ya again!

p/s: congrats to my sista who gets xcellent results! im heppie for u..its true ryte..ur results gonna be better then mind^_^

Monday, March 8, 2010


hye bloggie..
im in my midterm break now..
how shud i say eva of u feel weird of sumthing??
i guess i feel it ryte now..its undescrible..
wat i cn say is..der is sumthing bothering my mind...
it keep on turn on n supposed not to flash in my head..
but it happends! omg! y la..adeh=(
most of things reminds me into it..
it just lyke..u noe ryte..i dun hv 2 xplain..
but for the time still in control..dats for sure..huahua=p
may it happends bcuz der is a gud reason behind of it! really hope..*wink*
k then..just to share sumthing i supposed.

p/s: gud luck 2 my sista for her driving test 2mrw!
its gud dat 'we' din able to go to 'dat' particular place..i saw da reason d..
im into rain! im into jacob! im into ji ho! im into me!
owh just pls stop dreaming jujue! but day dream is allow offense ryte?

Friday, March 5, 2010


Salam..hye dear bloggie..

dh kne tegoq ngn yb feeq n sista azra sudey..heh=p 

bkn xmo syerk currently bizi cketz..bizi dgn..

adeh la..bnyk xm ngah midterm xm wik..

as for me..smlm ade 2 midterm..

6-7pm n 8-930pm..

gap 1 hour jerk kotz..seb bek sempat mkn jap..solat jap..n last revision jap..

dedue xm kt xm hall plak tuh..yg sngt la 'dekat' kn..
but i ony satiesfied wif da 2nd midterm xm.. it bcum history focus 4 da next midterm!

tmrw..yesh..its saturday! most of them dh alik umh memasing dh..

n me..still stdying n try to focussing..haha..

its ok..xmnye psl..xderk hal la..kate nk score lgk better diz sem kn..

i just hope im not going to be lyke..

till then..
see ya later..

p/s: if so many things been happening to u..its bcuz Allah loves u more! wuteva makes u stronger! n even a better person! im not saying u r not gud currently..haha u got me ryte..just smile frens!

Fi amanillah to ol my beloved ones^_^ *winks*