Sunday, October 31, 2010

31st October 2010!!

ADE APE EH NGN 31ST October 2010???

p/s:almk..tersalah type plak memule..spe yg terbace 31st august..sorrie..
its october ektly...heee=p my mistake...

Monday, October 25, 2010

dont think too much!

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
looks lyke i meet up wif u frequently ryte..
huhu=p dats mean i am still not dat 4 da tyme being at least..
b4 i get too bz..u might be missing me again..hee=p

see the title for diz post??
dat was wat ppl keep on saying to me..
but i cant stop from THINK TOO MUCH..
how am i supposed to handle dat..
currently..i just handle it by making myself calm..wif any kind of methods..
haha! looks pretty TOO MUCH ryte..i noe..
but dat is how it goes..

my frens do say diz once..
haha=p i guess its a lil true..but ony happends weneva i wear my lenses..
not wen i wore my glasses..izit?? i dunno..
different ppl..different judgments..
but i dun long as i am happy..
plus..der is sum ppl who think dat i am in secondary school=p worries..
but i guess i shud really stop THINK TOO MUCH..
it is mental is tired..n it gives me terrible headache at d end..
guess dats me..=p
k then..

p/s: may da besh things happend..we just need to pray..n HIM will do da rest! =)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

tel me y..wat is d reasons..

Salam..hye dear blogie..
meet u again..
i am speechless!!!
x tau nk ckp ape dh..
just i am exhausted...T_T
**penat otak**

tp syerk tau..Allah ade ngn syerk..moge dipermudahkn segale urusanku..
dunia akhirat..aminn..

p/s: if only i could tel u everything..but i cant..sorry 4 not telling u everything..

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Salam..hye dear bloggie..
meet u once again..hee=)
nothing much 2 say..just to share sumthing..
went out for a midnyte mubi..
i cn say everybody shud watch it..cuz it full of mom+dad 2b life..heh=p
if in fb..the relationships btwn diz 2 people..
i wud say..its complicated TM..
anyhow..the baby was incredibly cuteness!
look at her..heh=p
another 1 thing..wanted to go cameron soooo badly..
shud i??shud i not??
was imagining the strawberry chochalate over there!!!
omg..cmne neh??x tau nk uat decisions!!!
its ok..i shud think vicely then..
pls smile balqis!!may da besh happend 4 u!
juza n nora..i noe u guys keep it 2 u need any1..
me n nadia is aways there=)

p/s: i wonder how is everything..anyway..dh dpt results!! alhamdulillah..but i din managed to get as wat "sum1" xpected me to get..dat sum1 said..if i get dat certain pointer..i wud receive sum present..but earlier i hv need cuz i wont..cuz i know 1 of my subjects..i din perform well..n its true cuz i just get B-..anyhow..still alhamdulillah..=)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MELAKA MAJU 2010!! =)

Salam..hye dear bloggie!
diz thursday maybe oliday..bru nek sem dh pk oliday..haha! harus la kn..
tp2..kne tunggu announcement tmrw nyte dlue..
terbaek la mlk..plng bersih tuh!! tabik2..
tp mmg terbukti pong..kt tmn bunga raya yg syerk tinggal neh..
ghajin woo org mbmb..bkn just ade amek sampah jerk...
tp smpi amek rumput2 n bersihkn daun2 sume..
ciap ghajin ade gotong royong syerk jerk yg x join..
hee=p bkn sengaja ok..ade MUET la..ape la..bkn sengaja ok..
[ok..mungkin itu alasan..lau nk seribu daya kn..haha] mlk cm jerebu japz..ingtkn ade org bakar sampah ke ape ke kn..
tp xkn la smpi merata tpt kn..skalik denga brite..kt indonesia sane..ade sumthing happend..
mlk kne tempias ke?? maybe..x sure..ciap ade student yg pki mask..
xpela..yg penting dh ok..

k la..esk class kul 8 pg..haha..kne tito awl yerk..nanyte..gud luck kt sume yg ade presentation praktikal esk!! =)

p/s: happy 24th anniversary papa n mama!! may our family be bless by Allah aways=)
: ade 3 org punya berpday cuming soon..hoho=p
: to whom it may concern..moge kamoo sabaq n phm ape yg syerk mksdkn..mungkin syerk pong ade uat slh Allah do the rest..HE knows best!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Salam..hye dear bloggie=)
esk start sem bru dh..subject sume bru..
results x kuar lgk..aigoo..nth ape la results yg dpt t..
mntk2..yg terbaek n memuaskan hati..insyaAllah..aminn..

2 wish list 4 diz sem..
.: lgk ghajin..stdy..uat tutorial..sume2 la.:.
.: nk ubh sumthing..tgk la t jdk ke x..lau jdk..syerk gtau:.
takat neh tuh jerk la..yg personal..simpan sendrik sudey..

anyway..neh gamba2 tyme g tepi laut..
tgk org men layang2..neh bg nadia lps dindu dye kt laut..
ektly,dye nk men fine day yerk darling..sabaq2..
[pttnye tyme neh syerk jpe kak amal..kak azra..ira..jules..tgk mubi sme2..n uat wish xpela..bkn msenye lgk..DIA lbey mengetahui yg terbaek utk syerk..]

[up-dua org dak sengalness!]
[down- dua org dak syomel2..]
kami berempat..syerk..feeq..nadia..iwan..
thanx korunk bwk jejalan..lyke2!
p/s:ptg tuh..syerk ngn kwn syerk sorunk neh..ghupenye ade kt tpt yg lbey krg same..wic is mlm tuh sumthing happend..yg syerk pong x tau npe jdk cmtuh..syerk x tau ape dye nk..syerk rse syerk x phm dye decide..bia masing2 kul down dlue..syerk xnk ckp dlm keadaan syerk emo or geram2 ngn org..nant syerk x uat decision wisely..may da besh amanillah pd sume..aminn..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

sticker2 lps MUET

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
done MUET goes well..
was xpect d hardest ques but turn out ok ques..
so..der it goes..hee=p
d best part is one of the examiner was from MMU..weehuuu=p
i helps a lil tho..insyaAllah..

anyway..heres da sticker picca..
of me..nadia..iwan n syafeeq..
just for fun!! i admit..diz is da 1st tyme i do diz stuff..haha=p
it was nice n sweet..kjer lps MUET..
enjoy frens..d colour of life starts full wif piccas back!! =)

me n nadia

randoms of us
us again