Sunday, May 16, 2010

B's family n granny azra^_^

[B's family]

one thing 4 sure..i mish them lots!!

"Bayur..Bulat..Bye-sep..Bo-oh..Butit..Boboy..Bepeng..Bebet..Bulle nye gf..Bajang..Bibee(me)..Belly..

till eternity^_^ "

Nnnnn...i mish kak azra aka my granny too..
oldo its ady may..n my berpday is april..
i still wanna post out wat she told me on my berpday via email..
here was it..

Dear Jujue,
Happy Birthday, sister. On this very special day, I would like to remind you of the day when you cried upon seeing me. :) That was funny. But it shows that I'm always thinking of you and your "mummy". It's hard for me to come over to Melaka or to squeeze you and Amal into my tight schedule but I can manage something. Both of you are very, very special to me.
Jujue, there will be times when life places a big wall in front of you and the only way to learn is to hit that wall and figure out a way to get through it. There will be times when you think that the grass is greener on the other side and you wonder why your life isn't as perfect but you need to realise that whatever that you go through in life, be it good or bad, is just merely experience. They say that experience is the best teacher and trust me, it is.
I have not live long enough to experience everything, but for the last 23 years, I have gained a lot of experience through so many good and bad situations and it all taught me one same thing - to always be positive, stay strong and know that on the other side is happiness waiting for me.
Happy Birthday, Jujue. Put your best foot forward, brave through this world and you'll come out as a strong, independent woman. Just like what your "mummy" and I hope you will become.

a.k.a 'Granma'

dat was ausssuuummm..thanx lots!!i will remember dat aways=D

2b cont..


p/s:- happy teachers day!!
happy berpday nana n azza!!