Monday, May 20, 2013


Dear Allah..I feel bad..
Pls do 4give me..
Pls gimme strength..
Pls show me ur guidance
I need u..

Thursday, May 16, 2013

just a lil sumthing..

Dear Bloggie..salam;)
I don;t know how to i google up sumthing..
here was it..
Untung kn jd gurl?? We able to b all that..I hope i'll b able to b ol dat one day..
now it stuck only at the 1st stage..daughter:)

Anyway, i kind of luv to watch drama..
so, this words below shud b kept in my mind i guess..yeah..i shud^__^

this sentence make me there any guy act this way still??
in this kind of modern time?
hurmm...i wonder..

owh...its cliche sentence..i know..
luv walking in the rain..but sumtymes it works..

dlue ade kakak slalue ingtkn sy..
La Tahzan jujue..
sume neh happend to make u bcum a better person..
n even stronger InsyaAllah..
now i shud rmmbr another word..
"La Taghtar".. ;)

So, jgn sad2 lg yerk kwn2..
kiutta kn this lil kitten??
it reminds me of Jerry..i mish u Jerry..always rmmbr u in my mind..

Well, i think this sentence below here its totally true!

till then,

p/s: YOU noe wat is inside my heart Dear Allah..

Friday, May 3, 2013

just lil thingy~

Salam..hye dear bloggie..

1) anticipating diz saturday cuz im going back to jb!! ho yeah! fmly tyme!!
2) anticipating 11th mei cuz im off 2 mlk with kak azra!! n nikki too..please dun b jelesh kak amal! haha!
    lol! evil laugh now!
3) its my 1st tyme voting diz sunday! owh matter who wins..please do da right thing for ur rakyat okai..
4) i am kind of stress out wif diz i find a husband..get married..n just do the house cool is dat? everyday waiting for my husband to come back from work..n i cn do on9 jobs too..haha!
5) as for number 4, u just cn dream off ryte now..haha!
6) happy to know most of my friends already engaged or married..ur tyme came..mine soon insyaAllah..
7) i get to know this 1 new freind wic ektly is my best fren classmate n my primary skul fren fren..get wat i mean..just pretend u do..haha!
8) hoping that i'll b a better person each n every day insyaAllah..
9) okai, just thinking wat to ryte so dat the numbers counts up to!
10) im going to sleep now..nanyte peeps!


p/s: Allah knows best!