Thursday, November 24, 2011


Salam..hye dear bloggie...
ckp bm plak la..
lately i heard few bad news..
eh teckp eng..sorrie..jujue siyesh plz..ok!

1st- aunty yg kje ngn papa..agk rapat ngn syerk gakz..knal dari kecik..
baru disahkn ade ketumbuhan di kepala..
bkn 2-3 secara rawak di kepalanya..

2nd- kwn kpd kwn syerk meninggal..
sbb kne gas yg bahayee kt tpt kje dye...
bkn 2 org..
im not good in words ektly..
tp syerk harap kwn syerk tuh xmo sdey2 yerk..

3rd- uncle kpd kwn syerk masok spital..
ade la reasonnye..

sume neh jdk dlm 1 minggu..
nk x nk..walopong xderk kne mngene ngn syerk sngt..
still rase sdeyh..
x tau nape..
tp sume neh peringatan utk diri sndrik jugakz..
mati itu pasti! ayat neh slalue syerk denga dr sorunk senior dlue..
nmpknye..skrng syerk phm bkn dr segi akl..
tp dr hati..dlue syerk mrh ble dye ckp psl bende2 neh..
k la..xnk ckp bnyk2..
jom muhasabah diri kwn2;)
"mujahadah itu pahit kerana syurga itu manis"
selitz gamba diana amir..luv her outfit..
simple n sweet;)
*kredit ohbulan for da picca*


p/s: breaking down dh kua..heee;p esk alik jhr..mama kate.."cm lamee plak ko x alik" mama dindu same syerk eh..;p pray dat my sister angah wil b okai n nothng bad hpnd to her..aminn^__^

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tutti frutti !!

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
again on the foods post..
u realize it too ryte bloggie..
food hunting is my part tyme job now..haha!

anyway, was eyeing on diz ad looonggg tyme d...
its opening in bukit beruang, melaka..

n its open d..just few days ago..
even the CM is there 4 da opening;)
on saturday..der is 20% discounts..
n 50% discounts on sunday!!
opkos i go 4 da 50% day ^__^
it was my 1st tyme trying out diz frozen yogurt ektly;p
n its yummylicious!
try out the blueberry n redberries flavour n its recommended!
sorry but i think its worth it compared to da one selling wif the donnuts..
bet u cn guest urself;p

owh..heres mine, yelly's n nadia's;)
luv cuz i can add up lots of choc rice, flakes n the fruits^__^
n its empty after errrr...
around 20-30 minutes;p
i want moreeee!!
need to control it..heee;p
did i mention da price??
mine was RM11 after discounts..err..once in a while..ok la..
k then..tcre bloggie;)

p/s: pray dat sis azra dad wud b healthier always;) n *silent prayer* 4 myself..hee;p

Sunday, November 20, 2011

happy 21st bday sherry^__^

Salam! hye dear bloggie..
Its Sherry's bday yesterday^_^

Happy bday sherry!
Here's Sherry with her cake!
We celeb8 @ Sushi King as dats on of her feveret places;)
dats me n ejat..
He n Bob was kind enuff 2 b wif us ol da way from kajang;)

heres bob n da 2 dak techik..
i am sure he was happy as kiri kanan ade gurls..
"abg insan yg kerdil katenye"
after celeb8ting..
picca tyme..
was @ dak techik ouse since dey ajk me sleep over..
bday gurl wif da card..
ade org kate..sweet picca sbb de luv2..haha!
happy bday once again Sherry!
may Allah bless u always..
owh n thanx lots to bob, ejat n abu for da presents!
Angry Bird digital clock^_^
k then, didaa;)

p/s:- len kali buley join same okai abu garcia..get well soon!

Monday, November 14, 2011

its "cha tyme"

Hye dear bloggie;)
Me sounds happy huh?? heee;p
opkos la..its about food again..owh its drinks ektly^__^

My fren, Anes Al-Husna suggested us here..
similar to cool blog or green apple..
or any bubble tea..
this is even better!! cuz its richer..
the pearls is oso more than other bubble tea..
their service is good!
And people keep on coming..n coming non stop..

ok..nuff said..
heres mine..choc hazelnut pearl tea..nadia's..roasted pearl milk tea..
and aness..can't remember the real name..
but its with the red beans inside..ol 3 is recommended!

picca tyme opkos..
*happy faces*
us again..hee;p
but with the background of "Cha time"

i even ask some chinese gurl to snap our picca..
okai la..haha!
its in Dataran pahlawan..or we melaccans called it DP..
price?? worth it with the taste..its RM4.90
owh2..there is even a contest with it..
just purchase any "cha time" drinks for at least RM10 n above..
and u might win a prize..its the current coolest u cn guess it ryte;)

till then;)

p/s: hoping wat i plan goes smoothly..owh no! im scared to face interns! bloggie pls pray da best 4 me pls...tq!

Friday, November 4, 2011

ole sayang!

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
rse cm lme plak x post psl mknn kannn..
haaaa..amek..neh ole sayang!
situated @melaka raya..
u even cn see 1 malaysia people in there okeh!
even foreignerss!! so opkos its recommended..;)
but2..plz cum wif ur frens..bru terbaekk!
ok..nuff said..heres da picca!

1st- 4 dishes minus the rice..
msian stomach..wajib ade nasi;p
kailan goreng belacan|tauhu taucu|ayam ole sayang|udang lemak cili api

2nd- me n mr;)
owh2..i ordered chinese tea as well as cincau;p

3rd- them! mr, nadia's cousie, nadia and erin;)

4th- mkn tymee la!! nom nom nom ;p

5th- trade mark ole sayang haruss ade;p
owh..swuh nadia n her cousie jdk model^_^
sedaappp!! uols shud try one day..nyonya staill..x pedas..but who eva is spicy food lover..
shud b able to request pedass i x stail la..late baba nyonya..feeellll da food people..hehe;p
k then, didaa~~

p/s: alone ryte now till tmrw morning since tiket abess!! sobsT_T hv too since ade class till evening..evening tiket sold out..xpela...