Sunday, April 28, 2013


Salam..hye dear bloggie..
was watching WGM of Khuntoria 2day..
i dunno y but it felt lyke i cn feel wat they feel in the show..
its funny..haha!

Anyway, 27th April(saturday), i entered bowling..
its my company tournament sort sunway pyramid..
my teammate is kak faz n sya..
i did few strikes n spares..okai la kn ryte..
but i did saw something n it makes me..
"im grateful that im not lyke dat"..

dear bloggie..
i hate 2b alone makes me feels sad..
luckly there is that so called bowling tournament..
if not again im alone since both housemates out with their bf..
i am use 2b alone since im in secondary school..
stays in hostel..uni life stay in apartment + rented house with frens..
internship tyme again rented a house..double storey house by im alone..
working life and again away from fmly..
is this call homesick??? i guess it is mayb..

sometimes it does hurt too when u keep lots of things in your heart..
its good if you can share with your best friends..
but ur bestfirend have their own life too..
so, sometimes, u dear bloggie..helps me lots;)

till then,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Its April already..owh my!!

Hye dear bloggie..da last tyme i date with u was in July 12! So unwise of me to u huh?
Im sorry.Its not dat i dun hv tyme..its just im too mentally exhausted.. to work..then late eve i'll off from office..wen I reach home..
Its already nyte n I just wanna hv rest on my bed..

Anyway, i've been working for Mammoth Empire Holdings since Sept 3rd 12..
Meaning its nearly 8 months already..see how the tyme flies..
Many things i've new people many2 human beings behaviour.
And yes..i lost most of my personal tymes already!!
Till my mom says.."cmni ble mama nk dpt menantu?"..haha!
Sorry mom..u will soon wen Allah says kunfayakun;)

owh2..kak amal is married! yes its kak amal okai..
Still remember b4 during study tyme..we use to say..
kak azra will have the mrs title 1st..then comes me n last is kak amal..
but no way..its jodoh..its already been written in the book..dat she will b da 1st..
im proud of u n happy for u "mummy"..LOTS!

Well, dats it for now..just feeling lyke sharing..
my head kind of mess with many things..feels lyke wanna pore ir out ol here..
but too much infos..x abes satu entry nant..
owh, i'll b playing bowling diz wikend..for my dprtmnts..haha! okai..diz is funny!

till then,
p/s: this tyme election, i'll b joining 4 voting..first tyme..