Monday, November 29, 2010

=) or =( ...u decide!

Salam..hye dear bloggie..
mish me onot?haha=p
anyway bloggie..
heres da things ive been invited n attend..
*cousie akad nikah*
*cousie weds gurls side*
*sherry belated bday bash*
*cousie weds*

n been invited but cnt attend..
*feeq ouse warming*
wic i totally sad bout it..nk pegi kotz! ice cream..bbq..ol dat food..oh no!
xnk hengat lgk dh.. sorrie cuz cant make it dat day..
but im happy to see ol da piccas uploaded by nadia in fb..happy jerk korunk=)
n thanx to people yg attend my cousie weds=)

piccas??later k..
i hv quizes n asements 2b complited ryte now..
k then..2b cont~~

p/s: many thngs dat we see..we cn understand..but sumtymes we cnt do anything xcept pray 4 da besh..many things hapend 4 a reasons..plz try to endure dat..many things hv been xplain lots of tyme..but we just wudnt want 2 understand it..spice of life huh??haha=p we r da 1 who determine how we gonna live our life!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

salam aidiladha=)

hye dear bloggie..
esk hari raye aidil adha=)
mule2 ingt dh nk kne sambut kt mlk jerk..sbb mayb kames ade class..hoho=p going back 2day!!! ho yeah!
sume sbb tbe2 reyhun ckp..dye nk alik beepee..
syerk itot la skalik..smpi beepee kang..nek bus smpi air htm..pastuh mama@papa amek..

at 1st..ade sum1 yg bek ht nk tlg anta smpi umh..
tp xpela..len kli yerk..jasa anda amat dihargai..sngt2..

okai then..nant2 sambonk cte eh=)


p/s: ape pengorbanan anda utk diri anda..ibu bapa anda..kwn2 anda?? tgk semule drie sendrik..baiki ape ptt..jdk yg terbaek semampu amanillah buat sume..aminn=D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

hye dear bloggie..
meet u again..hehe=p
anyway..nothing 2say..
just 2 share sumthing..

"wat is DONE is DONE..n not 2b UNDONE..
Wat 2b DONE is 2 rmmbr to not DONE d same thing again"

"in life ALLAh doesnt giv d ppl exactly u want..
instead ALLAH gives u d ppl dat u need..
2 TEACH u..2 HURT u..2 LUV u..n 2 MAKE u..
exactly wat u want 2b"

so..just go wif da flow..take everything as ur own experience..
learn everything to endure anything dat might happend in da future..
cuz we neva no wat gonna happend..
just lyke 22..many things dat i hv not faced yet maybe.. prepared..ol da besh frens=)

here is 1 of da pic from cameron..
luv it cuz i look slimm..haha!

p/s: i just wanna b frens wif everybody..everybody makes a big dun worry..cuz i cn handle n control things..luv ol my frens=) thanx a million!

Friday, November 12, 2010


salam..hye dear bloggie..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


hye dear bloggie..
5,6 n 7th Nov was in cameron...
wif sherry..reyhun..hadri..faisal..abu garcia..ijat..n bob..
1st tyme onestly 4 me being there..
was having fun n nice atmosphere opkos..
greeennnn 4 my eyes...

anyway..knowing them was a gud experience..
ol of them were 4 each other..
n i salute their setia kawan among them..thumbs up!
many new things i learn n noe bout them..

der is 1 day..where 3 ppl share sumthing wif me..
opkos bout their personal..
n i hope they will b able to endure their inner feelings..
n pray that da besh thing wil happend 4 them..insyaAllah..

will upload da photos later wen i get it from them..
k then..just hope that we will b able to gather again just lyke dat day..
n may the friendzship last till eternity=)

p/s: thanx 4 taking care of me..i cn see that..not going to say much but may da besh happend..cuz Allah knows besh=) sherry..learn to understand wat u really want in ur life..dont dcide emotionally but dcide vicely..hadri lil bro..u cn count on me if u need me..reyhun dear..u too..kwn2..i luv ol of u=)
just wish dat my sista azra..sista amal cud b there wil b superbly nice..
to my ousemates..sorrie..jgn la majuk lgk..hee=p