Saturday, August 29, 2009

yeay..another excitement=D

salam..hye dear bloggie..hee=p
diz 11..
is my last midterm xm for diz sem..
ho yeah..!!
but der is still 1 asement left..
aza2 fighting!

well..dats not da real xcitement..
da real is.
im gonna meet my 'grandma'..'mummy'..'grandpa'..
n opkos..da one n only..
'nenek ira'..
lmer wooo x jpe ngn depa..
wen its ady hapend..i'll post out sum piccas..
bcuz we mayb gonna break our fast at sum1 speacial restaurant..=D
till den..pens off..^__^

p/s:- smlm borak ngn one of my besties..ana..hope u fine d now..mish ya..rmmbr our kata2 hikmat during in TIGS??haha..'lurve u very strong!!'..i mish eza..jojo..n jaja..wen r v gonna day fine day..=D..nyway..lmer x denga khabar fhbms..hope u r just fine..aminn..diidaa=D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

26 days more..weee...

arie neh..arie ke-4 pose..
lgk 26 days more..nk ghaye..hikkz:P
hahaha..itu yg syerk pk..
ble kater nk ghayer..
ketakutan pong de skalik..
sbb..after 1 wik
adeh la..xleh sonok sngt la ghaye diz tyme..
sile stdy drik skrunk ok..

p/s:- kekawan sumer..pose jgn sekadar pose yerk..amal ibadahnyer disertakan sekalik..
huhu..smoge diberkati Allah slalue..[tdk mkn lauk udang msk lomak chili api..ikan sambal..ayam balck paper..sumer msk sendrik..tetibe..haha..sile abaikan..]

Saturday, August 15, 2009

complete da sentences..=D

This is the rule: If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many persons as you like. You will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. Then please copy and paste this rule somewhere in your entry.

1. Friendship is always laugh n cry tru da up n downs of life..
2. My way of saying I care is by asking how is she or him n aways pray to Allah so that everything is fine with them..
3. To love someone is to just b urself n he or she cn b who they r too=D
4. To love is like a fill our lifes with ol kind of colours tru out ol day..
5. Money makes me works hard to repay my fam n the one i lurve but i noe..dat is not enaugh..
6. I miss ... my 'grandma' 'mummy'..'nenek ira'..'my besties..izatul..ana..jojo..jaja..' and fhbms..=D
7. Beauty is combination of inner n outer of a person..
8. I try to spread love and happiness by making everybody feel happier and 4get their probs..[ol probs cn b setle ryte..u just need 2 find da solutions..]
9. If smiles were ... the madicine to ol kind of sadness in diz world then I will ... smile at ol ppl so dat dey wil aways b heppie=D..[tp jgn lelebey..kang masok rumah bahagia lak..hee=p]
10. Wouldn't it be nice if we could ... noe wat gonna happend dat we cn prepare 4 everything possible..
11. Money is not everything but ... we still need it in our life now..[spe ckp duet x penting..tiipoo..yg penting kter tau yg kter gne duet tuh ntk kebaikkan..let say kter saket..nk jpe doc..xderk duet..cne?? sendrik..]
12. The most touching moment I have experienced is ... wen i met the downsyndrom kids n being with da 'makna' ppl..[bt everything concerns my fam..i wil feel touch..omg..its speechless..]
13. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was ... i am stil childish..ony think bout myself..but i started to change since end of my form 2..ol bcuz of my mom..i lurve her much=D
14. If I can change one thing, I will change ... myself to suffer my mom n dad burden..[cpt la abesh blaja..xmo papa kjer dh..nk swuh papa dok umh..spend tyme ngn mama..ngn adeq2..]
15. When I was twenty one, I remember ... kak azra n khei n my ousemates supprize me on my berpday at umbai..[korunk nyorokkan my rings yg my dad n mom bgk..cettness..cuak gle dat tyme..thanx uols=D]
16. I am most happy when ... ol da person dat i lurve is heppie=D
17. Nothing makes me happier than ... wen i found sumthing precious wic i wil treasure it 4eva..[thanx 2 sum1 who introduce me to diz 1 grup]
18. I smile when ... weneva i feel too..huhu:P
19. When I am happy,..thanx to Allah..n i bet my lurve ones wud b heppie wen im heppie=D [de ke org yg ske tgk org len sdey..hish3..]
20. Doing this meme, I feel like ... i shud b a better person n treasure every second with the 1 lurves n appreaciates ol dat hapends in my life cuz it makes me bcum even more stronger=D

Tagging: aida guzel and feeq..
[feeq..alik drik indonesia wat tau..wajibul ghunnah..mau ole2..hee=p]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

da list..phieww..

Salam..hye uols..
hopes every1 is in a gud condition..
since da H1N1 probs still on d air..hurm..
lucky not 1 of them..
da rest of u out der..
plz tcre of matter wer u r..
its better 2 prevent rather then 2 cure ryte..

ok..nuff on dat.. week is my kindda bizi week..
nope2..i must is my bizi week..
y so?lets see my list..

  • 17th August 09 [BIS presentation]
  • 19th August 09 [BMM midterm]
  • 20th August 09 [BIS midterm]
  • 21st August 09 [HR presentation]
So,as i said..true is my bizi week..
ony tuesday wic i din hv any midterms or presentations..
but still..i need 2 utilize dat 1 day very well..
luckly i ady start stdy early..
[x sia2 mama swuh stdy kt umh tyme midterm break dat day..hee=p]

Nway, Ramadhan is sooo near..
22th August 09..
Wish awl aci x..Slamat beramal kekawan..hee=p

kayla..need 2 cont stdy a lil..diidaa=D

p/s:- 2mrw wic is thursday aka 13th org tuh hv presentations+2 midterms in 1 day..i noe its taugh..but i oso noe..u cn go tru it well..wish u ol da besh..den friday dh leh rest da yerk..huhu=p may Allah bless ol others aways=D aminn..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

congrats frenz!!

well..i'll started wif congratulations 2 oll yg grads!!
kak azra aka my grandma..khei aka my grandpa..ira aka nenek..ol da dip students..
abg aizam..yg syerk anggap dh mcm abg syerk sendrik..
x silap syerk..kak zaidah skalik..
kakak yg slalue tlg syerk drik alpha lgk..mekaseh..
n sumer yg convo pd 8,9 n 10 august 2009...
congrats again!!!
mest besh gilak dh grad..wateva it is..
ol da besh 4 ol of ur future undertakings=D
nway,sorrie yg amat..
x dpt dtg cyber..
oldo i noe..i dissapoint sum of u..
bt truely..deeply..sorrie..
keadaan x mengizinkn..
but i'll repay it bec k..promiz=p
sayunk kamoo sume...

ok..nw..v talk sumthing bout me..currently..sumthing had happend in my life..i hope it will cont smoothly w/o probs..oldo i noe..its a lie if der is no probs in our life kn..but i hv prepared 4 ol dat..sumer tuh ujian akn laluinye sebaek yg mungkin..mudah-mudahan..aminn..=)