Monday, April 6, 2015

hye hye april;)

Assalamualaikum bloggie..
hye hye April!
living with fmly and living alone siyeshly there is a diff..
there are pros n cons..
well..i did the choice and alhamdulillah i am happy staying with my fmly..
sapa x happy uiiihh??
habaq mai cketzz..kekeke
but is tiring..a lil..

anway, been working with Mah Sing in JB for about 7 months ady now..
yeah i noe..common sentence but darling its TRUE!

i hope this 2015 years is gonna be better than last sya Allah;)
c ya later then bloggie...
finally dpt jgk jmpe uolss kn, every1 is sleeping d at the tyme i wrote this..kekeke

p/s:- #trust #believe #Allah #knows #best 

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