Friday, March 28, 2014

chapter 3..

(x jwb dose..keke..ayat mase kecik2)
hye bloggie..
2day is Friday..
the most barakah day..
n i wud n shud say..
for being able to still breath..
for being able to witness things..
for being able to be wif my  fmly..
for being able to work..(pay ol da bills n list goes on..)
the most is thank Allah..
i mean lots..thanks a million..
for making me able to make my mom n dad happier 2day..
get a lil gud news..Alhamdulillah once again..
"Dear Allah..pls make me always remember U..
make me stay still with my faith..
i noe im not perfect..iman manusia trun naek..
Pls do tcre of me..aminn"

k then bloggie..
i will at least date wif u once a month in every chapter of my life..

p/s: tahniah Ana!!! tahniah Shu..tahniah cousie..tahniah Nadia(soon ur turn),,n opkos..tahniah kak Azra(u too soon insyaAllah)..for ur happiest day eva..u have finally met ur partner dunia akhirat insyaAllah..i'll always pray for all of u insyaAllah..happy for u guys..^_^

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