Monday, April 6, 2015

hye hye april;)

Assalamualaikum bloggie..
hye hye April!
living with fmly and living alone siyeshly there is a diff..
there are pros n cons..
well..i did the choice and alhamdulillah i am happy staying with my fmly..
sapa x happy uiiihh??
habaq mai cketzz..kekeke
but is tiring..a lil..

anway, been working with Mah Sing in JB for about 7 months ady now..
yeah i noe..common sentence but darling its TRUE!

i hope this 2015 years is gonna be better than last sya Allah;)
c ya later then bloggie...
finally dpt jgk jmpe uolss kn, every1 is sleeping d at the tyme i wrote this..kekeke

p/s:- #trust #believe #Allah #knows #best 

Friday, December 5, 2014


Assalamualaikum w.b.t..
Hye2 bloggie..
long tyme no see ryte..kekeke back to johor..
since early sept till its almost 3 months..
many2 things happened within this period...

#1..i've started work at my new place..Mah Sing Group..since 22nd Sept..
#2..I get to be with my family everyday..Feels so good!!! less worryness..
#3..I drive lots..i mean really lyke took me at least 45mins to work everyday..
i admit..da tiredness is there but it just vanish once u r back at home..
every1 is there..except my lil sister since shes in Kedah..
but i'll meet her soon in Jan!
#4..I started to have many2 kind of feelings..
happy..worried..jellesh..concern..n many2 more la..
lemme keep da rest to myself..
sum1 need 2b blame 4 diz..huhu..
u noe who u r..well..Allah knows
#5..i think i might hv gain weight a lil..bcuz of my opismate..
she really do luv eats n keep on buying food for me..
idk how to say no..diz is really a big problem..
oldo i do jog n doing sum squat challenge..
but at points i feel dat i need to stop eating always!!
#6..on the 27th 2 adeq kembaq officially graduated from Secondary School..keke
See hows time flies..owh my..
been sending and fetching them from schools..tuisyen..sports etc..
i salute parents!!
#7..wanted to chop of my hair since October but still havent chop it off..
feels soooo sayangggg..but working make me no tyme to really take care..
i iz sad..srobbsss! sorry but i'll still chop u off sooner or later..

k then bloggie..
diz iz few things dat hpnd in my life..
wanted to share valuable n knowledgeable post with u..
but just gimme sum space to pour this out wif u k..
lebiuuu la bloggie..

p/s: Astagfirullah for the past..Alhamdulillah for current..and in syaa Allah for the future..

Thursday, September 4, 2014

*N4Di4 4MiN4h*

hye2 bloggie!!
long tyme no c..heee;p

kekonon xmo berblog during fasting month..
tbe2 terbwk smpai skrng pule..keke
many2 thngs hpnd to me during dat period..
tp im so grateful ol dat hpnd to me..
sbb i learn 2b more n more sabaqq..

NADIA AMINAH is married!!
finally..after 9 years of relationship..
i am siyeshly happy for ya!

heres the picca of gegurls n her..
NADIA swuh pkai baju wane nude..i finally wore a white cream scarf after so long..
sbb dlue ade org pnh tego..katenye i look pale in dat colour..
well..from left..
kak ain|yelly|me|NADIA|fatin|aidaK|aness|balqis

 n....another picca of us..keke
lame yg hamatt x jumpa mrk2..ok..xcept fatin..sbb shes nearby me..
kisses from gegurls for bloggie.. xoxo bloggie, 9th sept will b my last day working wif Empire..
2 years im wif very 1st job after grad..
well..ill b working in JB soon!!
nant dh start koje kte share2 lgk eh..
k then bloggie..ttyl..

p/s: *silent prayer*..owh Allah..if its fated, pls do ease the journey..i believe in UR destiny for me..n i trust UR arrangement for my life..may the best thing;)

Friday, June 6, 2014

luv quotes;)

hye bloggie..skejap jerk dh June dh..
x lame lgk Ramadhan tiba..
smoge kte sume maseh sempat utk melaluinya..aminn

nway..syerk kn suke google2 quote2 neh..hehe..
found this..kali neh its about luv..
bout waaattt??? luv..yes luv..cinta.."ai".."pyarr".."aisheteru"..
okai..enuff..3 tuh jerk yg tau bahase len..keke..
ektly xderk la luv sngt pn..sbb im not gud in this..hehe
just sumthng dat i feel i wanna share with..;) it goes..
opkos..sape bgn dlue tlg kjotkn yee..
kotla da wife really tired or x brape sehat ke..
hubby buley tlg..n vice versa..
help each other 2 meet n greet Allah in sweet..haha!

ya Allah..smoge sy n anda2 berpeluang jumpa dgn bakal2 yg sebegini ye..
mcm sy sedaq haruss sy sukaaa...
if jmpa org yg buley tlg sy ke arah Jannah..
sape xmau uiiihhh..

tapi is not always goes as wat we want..
mcm quote kt bwh neh ckp la..
senang kata..kte suma kne la believe in HIS plan for us..
in syaa Allah its the best for us..
xknnye DIA nk bg kte susah2 tanpa sebab kn..yes true2..
kadang tuh iman neh trun nek juge..
kadang tuh..emosi neh tewas juge..kadang tuh..nanges sorunk2 juge..
aihh..bnyk pule kadangnye tuh..keke
wuteva it is..tabah! fighting!!

mai sama2 doa bebanyak..

dan ini juge..

dan..dan..ape2 yg terlintas di hati anda..
sebab Allah sentiase ade mase utk kita..
no mater wat..keep on pray to Allah k..
sy akn try yg tebaek..oh Allah..pls do guide me..

k then..see u soon bloggie...

p/s: smoge ape yg sy uat neh adalah yg tebaek..aminn..

Monday, April 21, 2014

1st getaway wif my gf sis azra^_^

Hye dear bloggie..
next week kje 2 days jerk,,sbb~~~
wednesday morning dh p jejalan ngn kak azra..
just the 2 of us..heee;)
will b back on Friday..
walopun 3hr 2mlm jerk..
sngt teruja..sbb 1st tyme mama n papa bg pegi jln2 dgn frens w/o fmly..
yg for me agk jaoh la..

b4 diz pnh jgk x silap..but within msia..
dkt cameron..cameron teach me many2 things..huhu
selame diberi nafas by Allah..
yg pnh g jln w/o fmly hurmm..
sume bcuz of school/uni activity..
3 tymes n ol is to sabah..hahaha!
ade ape ngn sabah..i dunno..kebetulan mayb?
but kundasang mmg best! pulau manukan pn..
so...moge me n sis azra slamat pegi n slamat alik..aminn!

kdng2 org ckp..peghie la umrah dlue..better..
i noe n i aware..mntk doakn sy ok..
mama ngn angah dh p umrah..
wic i supposed to follow tp x jdk ats sbb2 tetentu..
one fine day sy pn nk g insyaAllah..
dlue slalue ckp kt mama..alg tkot nk g..
sbb tau drie x perfect..rse mcm x layak sngt..
pastuh mama ckp..sume org x perfect..nk tunggu perfect smpi ble pn x g2 nant..
wic is true i guess..hurmmm
moge Allah sentiase jage hati sy..

k then..6 working days more..then off we go..
b4 we end up..
neh gambaq MMU-ians..

p/s:- congrats on ur weds Hazwan n Anym..happy dpt jumpe kwn2 MMU!! redness;)